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Kuldeepak 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kuldeepak 31st March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Chiragh cries. Dai takes him and he stops crying. She takes him outside in garden. Everyone is dazed. She touches his feet. Everyone come outside running. Vidya takes him and says what were you doing? Dai says I was making him stop crying. Vidya says why did you run out? Why you act like you have any right on him? She says I wasn’t running. Manjila says how did you come here? Diwan says I brought her. We are happy because of her. I requested her to his caretaker. Vidya says I am sorry. SHe says I can understand a mother’s heart. Vidya says you took so much time to clear bills? He says I was choosing sweets. She says ma took him to temple and he started crying. HE says like me he has no interest in stone idols. My son.
Paresh says lets prepare for celebrations.

There is a party in the house. Everyone sings and plays with Chiragh. They all celebrate and enjoy.

Scene 2
At night, Vidya sees Dai walking in the garden with chriagh playing with him. Diwan comes and says what happened? She says ever since we came home Chiragh is with dai. He cries when he is with me and silent when he is with her. He says maybe he wants us to spend time together. She says bring him please. He says maybe he is a little attached to her. She says but I am his mom. He says but you need rest too right? lets go rest. SHe says where did they go?

They turn back. DAi ma is there. She gives him chiragh. She says don’t worry you are his mom I am his caretaker. Vidya says thank you. He feels good with you but I am a mom.
Vidya says until I don’t take him my heart doesn’t calm down. Dai says I can understand. SHe leaves. Vidya plays with him. Dai says in heart he will stay mine anyway. Vidya sings him lullaby. She makes him sleep and plays with him. Time passes like this.
Manjila comes and says where are you two? Chiragh is 40 days old. Everyone brings little gifts for him.

Vidya puts Chiragh in cot. She says his fate will be written today. I hope he becomes a good man. That he makes us all proud. Manjila says we should leave him for an hour so his fate is written. Vidya is worried. Manjil says don’t worry. He is in home and we are all with him. They leave.
The cradle starts moving faster. VIdya is worried in her room. She goes towards his room. Dai is there. Dai goes out and laughs. Vidya comes in room and sees the cradle is surrounded by fire. Diwan comes there too. they are screaming. Diwan saves them both and take out. Diwan says this all happened because of your non sense. you left the child alone with candles in the room. They are crying. Manjila says his head is black. That is not a good sign. Diwan says stop it please. Stop all this rubbish there was fire that is why his head is black. Vidya is crying. Dai take Chiragh. She recalls putting that black mark on his head. ai says you can never know what his fate is. You will know when he shows his real face when he is five. He will show is real self.


Kuldeepak 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chiragh turns five. He is playing cricket with diwan. Chiragh hits the ball so hard that it his Diwan. Guru ji come home and feels something is wrong. Vidya is happy because Chiragh is going to school. Chirgah is not ready to go to school.

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