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Kuldeepak 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Diwan comes home and asks where did you go? sHe says we went to market. Then chiragh wasn’t feel there. He dehydrated. I found the right medicine he will be okay. She recalls that woman. Vidya says in heart my son is so innocent. I will find everything about that devil.

In kitchen, mili reads newspaper. She says black devil in a house. Shiela says no these stupid news. Mili says we believed in our village. When devil resides somewhere it does. You can’t fight them. sheila says shut up. vidya says but there must be a way to fight them. Mili says these powers shouldn’t get angry. They destroy everything. Vidya recalls chiragh’s anger.

Everyone is leaving. Vidya does her research. Diwan comes in. He says what are you doing? SHe says nothing I was cleaning my laptop. He says I will clean it don’t worry. I have to send some mails. Vidya takes the laptop from him. She says you are always busy with work. He says the weather is romantic today? He hugs her and brings her close.

Scene 2
At night, Vidya is asleep. She wakes and goes to chirah’s room. Vidya reads about devil. She reads that anger sparks the power in devil and then he destroys everything. This is right. Whenever chiragh got mad anger took over him. This means love can calm this devil.
I am sure he won’t hurt me no matter how angry he is. My love makes the devil inside him weak. I will make him and angry and see if he attacks me or not.

Next morning, Shanay says to Vidya I know chiragh’s reality. vidya is dazed. Vidya says he is cheating in board game or he knows magic. He always wins. Like he has copy right on 6. Churagh says yes I do. They keep playing.
Bulbul calls chiragh She says I miss you. He says I miss you too. She says then come to school tomorrow. SHe says yes please do. He says know I caught a snake. My uncle was calling me superman. Bulbul laughs. She says God promise you will come tomorrow? He says okay. Everyone asks chiragh whose call was it? Chiragh says my gf’s. Everyone laughs. Manjila says get ready everyone. We have to go to virani uncle’s house. Diwan says I will come there from meeting. Its their daughter in law’s baby shower.
Chiragh says mama get me ready. Vidya says we have to go another birthday party. Everyone says okay. Vidya says today I have to take advantage and make chiragh angry. Everyone leaves.

Vidya prepares a chair to rope chiragh. Chiragh is getting ready. He says mummy I am ready to go to party. Vidya says I am ready for this. I will make chiragh angry and see what he does.


Kuldeepak 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Viday locks chiragh and says after today you will stay here and listen to me. Chiragh breaks the roops and comes towards vidya with a knife.

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