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Kuldeepak 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Kuldeepak 5th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Chiragh is crying. He says I wont’ open the door. I won’t go to school its a bad place. Vidya and Diwan say please open the door.
Guruji says this mark is of devil and it has to be stopped.
Dai comes in her room and drinks something. She laughs and says no one can fail me. Whatever you do you can’t come between me and Chiragh. Just when he turns 5 after that mission will be accomplished. She keep laughing and revolving.

Manjila says what is wrong with our Chiragh. Alpesh says what if he has some bad eye on him. Shanaya says there is nothing like that. This is because we spoil him too much. Shiela says think before speaking. Every parent takes care of their kids. Shanaya says I was just saying. Alpesh says listen. Manjila says go after her. ALpesh says I will go if you are saying. Shiela says I hope there no bad eye on Chiragh. Vidya comes and says we have to convince him at any cost. I need help of everyone.
Chiragh is in room. He hears everyone laughing outside. He comes out. Everyone is garden and have become cartoons. They all dance in front of him while singing rhymes and Abcd. Chiragh smiles. Shanaya writes on the board. Diwan laughs and dances with Chiragh.
Dai hears all this. She tries to go out but falls. She says no I have to stop them.

Manjila says God listened to us and finally chiragh went to school. We should go to temple and thank God. Paresh and Bhagat and Alpesh to stay home.
Dai comes to Bhagat and asks where is Chiragh? Imli says he went with his parents. Dai says and where did they go? Imli says with Chirgah and laughs. Dai says are you making fun of me? Where is Chiragh tell me. Imli says he went to school.

Scene 2
Chiragh comes to school. Vidya says I am so scared. Diwan says look at Chiragh he is so positive.
Dai is running out. Yashodin stops her. He says I know where you are going. She says I am here to protect Chiragh. Yashodin says evil doesn’t protect anyone. Yashoding says tell me why are you here? She says soon there will be a trouble on chiragh and I am here to protect him. Yashodin says who has he a threat from? Dai says you because you are stopping me from protecting him.

Chiragh sees the kids playing and says mummy kids play too? Vidya says yes. We have friends here.
DAi says no one can stop me. Yashodin says I will stop you from Kavaach mantra. He reads a mantra. Dai can’t walk. She screams and sits down. She says stop his please. She hits yashodin with a rod and runs out.

Chiragh walks in the school with Vidya and Diwan. Dai is running towards school. She says he can’t go to school. Chiragh sees trophies and smiles. He says what is this? Vidya says the kids who work hard win these. You will make us proud too right? Chiragh says yes.
Dai is running she says he won’t go to school. I won’t let him go. Vidya says Chiragh answer the questions whatever principal asks you. He nods. Dai is trying to get inside the school but the watchman stops her. She looks in his eyes and he walks aside.
Principal calls Chiragh in. Dai walks in the school.
Principal asks how old is he? Diwan says he will be five next month. Principal says you didn’t send him to any play group? Dai is outside trying to call Chiragh. She says Chiragh can’t hear me because of this glass.
Principal says Chiragh we will ask you some questions. We have half apple what does it look like? Chiragh says like the other half of the apple. He asks a man didn’t sleep for 8 days is that possible? Chiragh says he slept at night. chiragh answers all the questions. Principal says your son is very intelligent. Diwan says when can we send Chiragh to school? He says you do all the formalities. They hear some noise. Dai has broken all the trophies. The principal runs outside and says who did this?


Kuldeepak 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chiragh runs in the house and says I will go to school. Yashodin is in the house. DAi looks at him and says you don’t know what are you messing up with. Now see what I do. She locks Chiragh in a trunk.

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