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Kuldeepak 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Chiragh says my photo on TV. I am on TV. Diwan says shut up. This is not an achievement. You hit that child Yush. He is about to slap him. Vidya says please calm down. Diwan says how? He had made us all embarrassed. They all argue with each other. Chiragh picks the vase and throws it on TV. Everyone is dazed. Vidya says what did you do. Go to your room. Manjila says Diwan he is a child. You hit him and that is why he did this. You should have controlled your anger.

Vidya comes to Chiragh and says are you upset because of papa? You made a mistake too. Have you ever seen papa or Alpesh being mad at dada no right? You can’t be mad at your dad. He scolded because he wants you to become the best child. Chiragh says he was about to slap me. Vidya says but he didn’t. He apologized your dad for this mistake too. We all make mistakes but we should apologize.

Vidya hears Yash’s parents shouting downstairs. His mom says if my son doesn’t get consciousness I won’t leave your son. Vidya says please forgive my son. She says my son is in hospital. Diwan says we are all with you. SHe says I don’t need that. That wont ease our pain. You all came here to protect your son. This isn’t just a warning. Chiragh comes downstairs. Yash’s mom says the one who has harmed my son will be punished. Vidya says pleas calm down. She says teach all this to your son. You need to learn how to bring up a child. You taught him to beat other kids like this? Diwan says please forgive my son. Manjila says he made this mistake unintentionally. Chiragh comes downstairs. He looks at Yash’s mom. Chiragh holds his ears and says sorry auntie. Please pardon me. Vidya says please forgive him. If you feel like punishing him would bring you any ease then its upto you. He is standing here in front of him. He hit your son please hit him. She stops. VIdya says I know. You can’t hit him because you are a mom too. A mother can only forgive. We will accept whatever you decide. She says just pray that my son gets well soon. otherwise one mom would have to hurt another.

Diwan says I call the best doctors on country for Yash. Vidya says in temple and says please God. Don’t let anything happen to Yash. I vow till he is well I won’t eat anything. I will sit here and pray.

Scene 2
Shanaya says we all know the anger in chiragh. Sheila says he is just a little stubborn. Imli says what if something happens to Yash. Shanya says chiragh will go to jail. Shiela says think before you speak. Nothing would happen to our chiragh.
Vidya hears chiragh saying I won’t leave anyone. I will kill all. She comes running. He is playing on tablet. He says let me play mom. I was playing game. Viday says yash is there is hospital. Chiragh says you don’t let me go to school nor let me play. I get bored. Vidya says if someone hits you would it hurt? He says yes. vidya says and if you are in pain and everyone enjoys would you like it? He says no. Vidya says yash is in hospital then you shouldn’t play either. Chiragh says what should I do then? Vidya says you should feel sorry. He says I apologize. Vidya says you should repent. If he gets well you will go to school.

Diwan comes to chiragh and says I am sorry. I scolded you. I am sorry. Are you mad at me? He says are you repenting your mistake as well? Diwan says yes. Chiragh says how to we repent? Diwan says when we make a mistake we should do something special so we repent our mistake.
Chiragh writes sorry hundreds of time on a card. Vidya comes in and sees it. Diwna and Vidya smile.

Scene 3
Vidya is praying. She feels weak. The phone rings. Vidya goes to pick it up. Vidya says what.. She says Diwan.. Vidya is really weak. Diwan comes and holds her. she is crying. Vidya says what happened. Why are you crying. Vidya says it was a call from hospital. She is crying.


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