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Kuldeepak 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vidya comes out and sees Manjila on the ground. Her head is bleeding. Chiragh is sitting on the swing. Vidya says Chiragh how did dadi fall? Come inside. She takes them both inside. Vidya applies medicine on her head. Manjila says Chiragh made me fall. Vidya says how? Mannjila says he started moving his swing and hit me from it. Chiragh says she is lying. She was shoving the swing very fast. I told her I am scared and stop the swing. She didn’t listen. the the swing hit her and she fell. Manjila says he is a liar. Chiragh says you are lying. Vidya says shut up Chiragh. Is that how you talk to elders? Chiragh says its her mistake. Vidya says kneel down and say sorry. Chiragh kneels down. vidya says you have to go to school. Chiragh says ya I will go to school.
Manjila says he was never ready to go to school. Why is he so happy? Vidya says sometimes we fail to understand our kids. She applies meds.

At night, everyone is asleep. Dai says to Kaal she doesn’t know what you are made of. She laughs. Manjila wakes up. Dai says tomorrow is your first school day. You don’t have to listen to anyone there. You have to be strong. They will try to teach you good things. But you dont’ have to listen to all that. You don’t have to serve. You have to rule.

Scene 2
Next morning, everyone comes to breakfast. Alpesh says how you got this bruise? Manjial says I.. Chiragh comes downstairs in uniform. Bhagat says you look so good. Shiela says he looks like Krish. I remember his first school day. Chiragh says who is Krish? Manjila says he was your brother. Chiragh says where is he? Vidya says far away from us. But he is in our hearts.
Chiragh says don’t worry Shiela. Till Krish comes back you are my son. She hugs him and says yes you are my son. Chiragh touches everyone’s feet. Manjila doesn’t give him blessings. Chiragh says why are you not giving me blessings. Manjila gives him blessings and says become a good man. Diwan says lets go. Chiragh says where is Dai ma? Dai comes. Chirah says I am going. Dai says take care. Diwan says he is so excited.

They come to school. Vidya says to Chiragh you know what you have to do. Diwan says what?Vidya says thats our secret. Chiragh kisses them both and leaves. Vidya says eat your lunch in the break. Vidya says we were so worried. Now he happily goes to school.

Scene 3
Yashodin is in hospital. His apprentice says please open your eyes. You can’t leave us alone amid all this. Yashodin opens his eyes. He says let me call the doctor. Yashodin holds his hand. Sheshu calls Yashodin and tells her he is conscious. He says please don’t tell anyone. He wants to meet you in person.

The senior kids a ragging and eating lunch of new kids in the school. Chiragh coms in. All the kids suddenly falls from their chairs. They are all dazed. Chiragh sits on his seat. They all say who is he. The senior kids come to him. he says who are you? Chiragh doesn’t answer.He looks angrily at them. They get scared.
A girl joins the school as well. Her name is Bulbul. She sits next to Chiragh. The teachers come to the class. All of them stand except chiragh. They all read the mantra. Chiragh looks at the speaker. suddenly music plays from it instead of mantra. All the kids start dancing, The teacher says how did all this happen. Sit down all of you.

Vidya and Diwan are outside the school. Diwan says lets go home. His class has started. I asked the peon to tell me if something happens. Vidya says you know he is aggressive. Lets wait some time more.

Scene 3
Manjila comes to meet yashodin. She says how are you? Chiragh has been weird ever since he came back from jungle. I want to know what happened there. I know only you have answers to my questions. Yashodin says Chiragh has shadown of devil on him. He is dazed. Yashodin says he has a mission of destruction.


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