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Kuldeepak 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Kuldeepak 6th April 2017 watch online HD on 

Scene 1
Chiragh comes to home and says sees dai my new school bag and books. I will go to school. Dai smiles. She says I can’t let this happen. He comes in and says Manjila I will go to school now. Paresh says we are so proud of you. Shanaya says now finally he will go to school. Manjila says did someone tell Yashodin? Its all because of his prayers. Diwan says he got admission because of his knowledge and the credit goes to Vidya.

Dai comes ot her room in anger. She says this can’t happen. I will do anything to get my mission. I can take lives for that.
Yashodin is doing pooja. Dai comes there. He says have your intentions failed? Chiragh got admission in school. She says don’t think you won. He says good will won. Dai says I am not as weak as you think I am. I know everything about Prohit family. Yashodin says leave that house by tomorrow otherwise.. Dai says you and I have same mission. To protect the child of that house. I only want to take care of Chiragh. Yashodin says I know everything. If Chiragh goes away from you he won’t be in your control. She is leaving in anger. Yashodin says you have one day, before you get kicked out of there. She says I will destroy you if you come in my way. You don’t know my powers. I will do what was my mission. She leaves.

Scene 2
Vidya is in room. Diwan comes and hugs her from behind. She gets a bit scared. He says you always get scared. Only I hold you like this. Vidya says no chiragh does too. Diwan says oh yeah he is the boss. She says you are so happy. Everyone is so happy. Chiragh will go to school. He says this is all possible because of you. He hugs her. Diwan says you are right. I feel so good. My son will become a successful educated man. Vidya says he will be a good human. He says you completed one responsibility. What about the next? She says what next? He says to give chiragh a sibling. Chiragh comes and says mama read me a story from this. Vidya says papa will. Diwan reads him the story.

Manjila and Shiela are doing pooja. Yashodin comes in. Manjila says welcome welcome. Yashodin says where is Paresh? Manjila says he is coming. He sees Dai coming in hall. Yashdoin stands up. Chiragh says dai ma see my new school book. Dai says it is very good. Vidya says Dai ma make chiragh drink milkshake. Yashidon says Chiragh.. Won’t you show me your new book? Vidya says show him your books. Vidya says bring the milk here I will make him drink. Chiragh shows his books. Manjila says why you look worried? Yashodin says I was trying to focus. Vidya says you can sit in bapuji’s study room. There is no noise there. yashodin gives Vidya a thread and says tie it on Chiragh’s wrist.
Dai is mixing something in milk.She says you don’t know whom are you messing up with Yashodin. Dai gives the milk to Vidya and she makes Chiragh drink it. Yashodin comes out and sees Vidya tying thread on Chiragh’s hand. DAi says what is this thread? Vidya says Yashodin gave it. Chiragh says I wanna play hide and seek. He doesn’t let her tie. Chiragh says we will play first. He doesn’t listen to anyone. Everyone says yes yes we will all play. Shanya says I am a bit tired. Chiragh says we will all hide and dai ma will find us. Everyone hides. Chiragh sits in a trunk and dai ma locks him there. Chiragh keeps knocking it and says please open it. Chirgah is crying. He says mama open this. It has closed. Mummy please take me out of here. Dai ma stands outside and smiles.


Kuldeepak 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap  :Dai ma says to Yashodin the game has started. Show your powers what can you do.. Chiragh is crying. He says please open this. Dai says Chiragh is lost somewhere. I can’t find him. Everyone starts looking for chiragh.

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