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Kuldeepak 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Diwan says what happened? Vidya is crying. He says why are you crying? Please tell me. She says it was call from hospital. He says what did they say? God listened to me. Yash is conscious. Diwan says thats a fantastic news. Everyone comes. Vidya says God heard me. She thanks in the temple.
Diwan says I had complete faith in your vidya. Your trust won. They all eat sweets. Diwna gets a call and says yes I will be there. He says it was principal. He has called me in school. Alpesh says even yash is fine now. Shanaya says I think they will kick chiragh out. He might do something wrong again.

Vidya comes to chiragh’s room. He is asleep. Vidya caresses his face. She says there is a good news for you. Yash is better now. He says really?Vidya says yes he is fine now. I am glad you realized your mistake and apologized. Diwan comes in. Chiragh says i will go to school and give him this card. Vidya says very good. Go get ready now.
Diwan says I am worried about principal’s call. Vidya says don’t worry.
Vidya dresses Chiragh for school.

Media comes in the house and say is this prohit house? We want to talk to diwan. We want answers. Churagh comes downstairs. They ask chiragh questions.
Vidya is getting ready her someone knocks hard at her door. Vidya says who is it? A man is entering their house. Diwan says who gave you permission to enter here. Media says we want to know the truth. Diwan says my son is innocent. That man taps his foot on the floor. Chiragh looks at him.
Vidya is scared in her room. Chiragh looks at the man.
Diwan says I and chiragh apologized for the mistake. You may leave now. Vidya faints.

Diwan takes chiragh to school. He comes in. Bulbul hugs him and says I was really missing you. You didn’t call me. You didn’t miss me right? I didn’t miss you either. Chiragh gives her rose and says sorry. diwan smiles.
Shiela says vidya are you okay now? Shanya says thank God you are better. Vidya says how did I faint? Shiela says I came to take you but you were fainted. Vidya says where is diwan? She says he took him to school. Manjila says you were not well. Vidya recalls that knock. She says why I feel so scared? There was something. I shouldn’t leave chiragh alone. I have to go to school.

Diwan says chiragh go to your class I will meet your principal. The principal comes and says stop chiragh. diwan says why you stopped him? Principal says our rules and regulations are equal for everyone. After what he did we have decided to terminate him from school. Diwna says please don’t do that. He says our decision is final.
Chiragh says I will say sorry to him. He will agree. vIdya comes. He says what are you doing here? Vidya says what did principal say? Diwan says he has terminated chiragh. Vidya says does he know? Diwan says yes he went to apologize him. Vidya says I will talk to him you stay here. I have to beg for him. I will do anything for him. You might not like it.

Chiragh says to principal please don’t do this. I will become a good boy. My mom taught me never to fight. Principal says we can’t do anything now. chiragh says my mom says sorry fixes everything. I made this sorry card for yash. See. Yash is well now. Why are you rusticating me? please don’t. Vidya overhers. That man comes there. Vidya feels like someone is behind her. Suddenly strong winds blow. The principal is dazed. He says to chiragh leave my office. Chirah says I won’t. You have to say yes. You can’t kick me. No one can. Vidya says chiragh stop. The door closes. chiragh throttles principal from his eyes. He holds his neck.

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