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Kuldeepak 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Chiragh is strangling the principal. Vidya turns back and is scared. Vidya comes in and says chiragh please clam down. You are my good son. Please listen me or I will cry. You won’t like that right? You are my good son. Chiraggh leaves him. Vidya hugs him. She says I love you. The principal coughs. Vidya says sir humans make mistakes but please forgive him. We elders have to forget our kids. I know that kids should be disciplined.
We have to tell them difference between right and wrong. He says you opened my eyes. You are right. We should show kids the right way. He can come to school from tomorrow. Chiragh says thank you sir. He comes out and says to chiragh he is not kicking me out. I will study here. Diwan says how did he convince him? Vidya recalls. Vidya says he apologized.

Chiragh says I will apologize yash too. Vidya is worried. She says who is this power after dai. Today I saved him what will I do next time.

At night, Vidya closes all the windows. She feels someone is there. She says who is there? Vidya goes towards the door. She looks out. No one is there. Vidya shuts the door. She hears some noise upstairs. Vidya feels like someone is going upstairs. Vidya runs towards Chiragh’s room. Lights are sparking in corridor. Vidya is scared. She picks up the bat and says who is there. Come in front of me. She is about to hit. Its chiragh. He falls down and someones slides him. Vidya screams. She wakes up. It was her dream. VIdya is scared. Vidya comes to chiragh’s room. He is not on bed. She comes to balcony. Chiragh looks at the bats. His eyes are red. Vidya says chiragh. I love you. She hugs him and takes him inside. Vidya says calm down chiragh. The man is on the door. Vidya looks back no one is there. Everything starts shaking. Vidya says what is all this. I will protect you no matter what.

Scene 2
Vidya wakes up next morning. Diwan says good morning. He says why you woke up so early? She says I have so many things to do.
Vidya does arti. Vidya gets chiragh ready for school. She says you remember everything? Chiragh says yes to become a good boy. Apologize when I mistake. Be sweet to everyone.
Chiragh is playin with phone. He picks up a toy.
Vidya comes to room. Diwan holds her. He says you don’t give me time. She says don’t be so naughty. He says what can I do. When I see your face I get romantic. She says get ready for office. He says why you look worried? Vidya says I have decided something. I will go with chiragh to school and come back with him. Diwan says all that is over. Don’t do this. she says I am just being warned. We all know chiragh has anger issues. I don’t want all that to happen again. He says that won’t happen. She says for some days I want to be with him all the time.

Chirah shakes the toy. Vidya comes in and says what is this sound? He says this is new ringtone of my phone. Vidya says get ready for school.
She leaves. Chiragh says I lied mummy about this toy. But how it came in my room? His phone rings with an unknown call. Chiragh picks. A man says this is not a toy. this is your power symbol. It will improve your powers.Shake it. Chirah does. Vidya says chiragh come downstairs.


Kuldeepak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vidya is scared in the garden. She says who is there? The person comes in the garden. Chiragh throws the glass away.