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Kuldeepak 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Yaashodin says he is a child but there is a devil in him. Manjila says he is our son.. Yashodin says I know it is difficult to understand. Manjila says but we never harmed anyone. Yashodin says don’t cry. Chiragh is a child. His devil is not strong yet but if Dai keeps training him he will be strong. And once he turns 21 nothing can stop him. Manjila says how will I tell my family all this? And Vidya. She is a mother. The day she gets to know about his reality she is break.
Teacher says a new student has joined our class. He will introduce himself. Bulbul says go she is calling you. She says his name is Chiragh. Teacher says let him speak. Teacher says come here and sit in front. You can learn better. Chiragh says I wanna sit here only. She says but you will study better here. He says I know everything. Teacher says okay then tell me spelling of teacher. you know everything right? Chiragh says teacher. She asks him different spellings. He answers everything. Everyone is dazed. Teacher says how you know all this? He says I told you I know everything. She very good. I am very impressed.

Vidya and Diwan are outside. Diwan says don’t worry. Sit in the car. She says I am worried about Chiragh. Its his first day. We can’t leave him alone. Diwna says I will bring him back. She says but he is alone. I doubt will he eat or not. Diwan says he is smart. He can’t stay hungry. He will eat.

In the break Chiragh opens his lunch box. Yash says to his friends come lets eat from a new lunch box. He takes Chiragh’s sandwich and eats it. Chiragh stands up. Bulbul says don’t fight with him. He is a bad boy. You can eat my lunch. Chiragh grasps YAsh’s hand. Yash says leave my hand but Chiragh is holding it tightly. His friends come and try to release his hand but Chiragh doesn’t leave. All the students get dazed.
All the kids start chanting Chiragh chiragh. Chiragh shoves Yash and he falls down. He says I won’t leave you. All the kids laugh at him. They all praise Chiragh.
Bulbul says you can eat my lunch. Chiragh says okay. They both sit and eat together.

Scene 2
Manjila comes home. She is scared. She recalls what Yashodin said. Manjila comes upstairs and says to dai get out of here. Dai says what have I done? Manjila says I know everything. There is not room for you in this house. She shoves her out. Manjila says you can’t be saved today. You are behind everything. You have filled that devil inside Chiragh. Get out of my house. Dai is angry. Shiela comes and says what happened ma. Manjila says bring gangajal. We need to purify our house.
Dai says Manjila today you were saved. Manjila says you are threatening me? Shiela says no telling you. No matter how hard you try you can’t keep me away from Chiragh. He can’t live without me. I am going but soon you will bring me back here.
manjila says go from here. I will tel them your truth.

Chiragh is going out of school. A kid comes and says thanks Chiragh. You taught Yash a lesson. Chiragh says if you follow me we can show a lesson to the whole world. then we will rule. The boy says I will do what you say. Chiragh says then carry my bag. Bulbul comes and gives him his lunch box.
Yash and his friends stop Chiragh outside class..
Vidya and Diwan are waiting. Vidya says where is he? All the kids are out. Let me go inside and check.
Bulbul says yash I will call teacher. Yash says by the time she comes I would beat him down. Chiragh recalls Vidya telling him to say I love you mummy when he is angry. Chirgah says I love you mummy. yash says he is mama’s boy. But why should we care? Yash comes near Chiragh. Chiragh keeps saying I love you mummy. He kicks yash and he falls down. Chiragh looks at him and he falls again. He shoves him with his gaze. The students laugh at yash. He runs.
Vidya sees Chiragh coming out with bulbul. He hugs Vidya. Vidya says where were you? I was waiting for you. He says I was giving tuition. Vidya laughs. Chiragh says mummy this is bulbul. My friend in school. Vidya says how will you go? She says my daddy has sent the car.
Vidya says who was he? He says it was ronu. He is my friend. Vidya says why was he carrying your bag? Chiragh laugh. Teacher comes and says he is very intelligent. He knows a lot of things. He is very smart too.

Manjila is pouring ganga jal everywhere. Shiela says why did you kick dai out? She says I will tell you but not now. Chiragh comes in and says ba.. She gets scared. Chiragh hugs her. Manjial recalls what Yashodin said. She shoves chiragh and says stay away from me. Vidya and Diwan pick him up. Diwan says why did you shove him. Manjila says because he is devil.


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