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Kuldeepak 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vidya comes outside Shanaya’s room and knocks. Shanaya opens. Vidya says I saw someone coming towards your room. Shanaya says who would come here at this hour. Some misunderstanding. Come and see in my room.
Vidya comes to Chiragh and makes him sleep. She says you left me alone. He says I don’t want to talk to you. Vidya says you felt bad because you were scolded. You did a good thing but your way was wrong. You made him cry and gave everyone stolen chocolates. You do good things the good way. Chiragh hugs her and says I get it. Vidya makes him sleep.

Vidya comes outside and sees the shadow again. She sees a sleeper. Vidya says was shanya the shadow? I will talker to her.

Scene 2
Next morning, vidya shows shanaya her slipper and says are you looking for this? Shanaya says where you found it? Vidya says where I saw that shadow. Weird things are happening with chiragh. But I never thought it can be you. Shanaya says you are accusing me. Vidya says I am saying what is true. WHy are you doing this with my son? I will ask in front of everyone. Shanaya says no don’t tell anyone. I will tell you. Actually I got a contract in fashion show. So I go out without permission. They won’t let me go otherwise. So I go out by lying. Yesterday I was coming back at night and ran in the room. Perhaps you saw me there. I left my slipper in hurry. Vidya says you should have told me last night. I am sorry. Shanaya leaves.

Churagh is dancing and Diwan is making video. They watch the video together. Vidya says show me too. Diwan gives her the camera and leaves. Vidaya says I found the way to capture that shadow.

At night, Vidya wakes up, She sets the camera to record. She comes to chiragh and says I am not sleepy either. Lets go see moon and stars. They go to garden. Vidya hides the camera. Winds start blowing. The shadow comes there. Vidya holds it and says who are you? I will see your face today. Lights blow. The shadow shoves Vidya and runs. Vidya says who was that chiragh? Are you okay? They go inside

Scene 2
Next morning, Vidya is sleepy. Manjila taps on her shoulder she gets scared. Sheila says are you sleepy vidya? Shiela says she thinks she is super woman. Shiela says she does all the work. Manjila says why do you do all the work. Do you have to stay in his school all day? Don’t be over protective.

Yash comes to school. All the kids laugh at him. He sits on his seat. Chiragh asks everyone to stop. he goes to yash. Chiragh shakes hand with him. Yash starts crying and runs out. Vidya says why is he crying. Vidya says yash what happened? WHy are you crying? Yash says chiragh will hit me again. Vidya says no he won’t. He is a good boy. If you become friends there wont be fight again.
Viyda brings yash to chiragh. They both shake hands. A new teacher comes to school. She says I am your new teacher Kamiya.

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