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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update

Sikandar gets Kulfi back


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update on

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8th August 2018 Episode Start With doctor tells Sikandar that she is sorry as Kulfi is no more. Sikandar is unable to believe it and asks Kulfi to wake up. Sikandar says that he will sing and he asks Kulfi to sing along. Sikandar gets emotional as he sings. Doctor also cries. Kulfi’a soul leaves her body and says sorry to Sikandar for troubling him so much. Kulfi asks Sikandar to live happily with Lovely and Amayra. Lovely attends Tevar and Minty’s engagement function. Lovely recalls when Tevar had made her wear a ring made of flowers. Lovely remembers the promises that Tevar had made to her. Flashback ends.

Lovely has tears in her eyes. Tevar drops the ring purposely and Minty searches it. Tevar slowly tells Lovely that he can change his decision for her. Ring is found and Tevar puts ring on Minty’s finger. Lovely’s mother asks Lovely whether Tevar is Guddu. Lovely’s mother asks Lovely whether she has any feelings for Tevar. Lovely’s mother asks Lovely to end all her feelings. Lovely says she can handle the situation. Lovely’s mother thinks that Lovely will ruin her marriage.

The doctor asks Sikandar to leave as Kulfi is dead. Sikandar says that Kulfi is just doing a drama. The doctor pushes Sikandar out of operation theatre. Media people as Sikandar what relationship he has with Kulfi and whether he is his son. Sikandar scolds media people. Media people make allegations against Sikandar. Kulfi reaches heaven. Kulfi sees Nimrit in heaven. Kulfi runs to hug Nimrit. Nimrit gets worried and asks Kulfi not to come near her. Kulfi asks Nimrit why she is angry with her. Nimrit tells Kulfi that she cannot come near her as she will not be able to return if she hugs her. Kulfi says that she does not want to go back.

Kulfi tells Nimrit that she does not like anything without her. Nimrit hugs Kulfi. Nimrit tells Kulfi that she will have to go back if she loves her. Nimrit tells Kulfi that she has to meet her father. Kulfi says that she does not want to find her father as she fell in a lot of trouble thinking that David is her father. Nimrit assures Kulfi that she will meet her father. Sikandar pleads Kulfi to open his eyes. The nurse comes there and asks Sikandar to sign on Kulfi’s death certificate. Sikandar cries a lot and screams Kulfi’s name.

Kulfi asks Nimrit who is her father. Nimrit tells her something which is muted. Nimrit sees the way back to life and tells Kulfi that she has to go back. Nimrit carries Kulfi and takes her back. Sikandar is about to sign death certificate but suddenly Kulfi comes back to life. Kulfi opens her eyes. Kulfi remembers that Nimrit had told her that she will find out about her father if she reads her diary. Nimrit asks Kulfi to make Sikandar read the diary.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Mohender tells Sikandar that Kulfi is a girl and not a boy

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Details

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is a new show on Star Plus which will be produced by Gul Khan and Gorky’s 4 Lions Films.4 Lions Films in collaboration with Producers Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot (Invictus T Mediaworks) will bring a new show on Star Plus which will be based on popular Bengali show, “Potol Kumar Gaanwala” on Star Jalsa.


Pallavi Rao
Shruti Sharma
Vidya Sinha
Aakriti Sharma
Anjali Anand

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min