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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: David slaps Kulfi, Kulfi runaway from David’s clutches


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: David slaps Kulfi tortured at hell Shocking turnover in KKB

Star PLus daily TV serial Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is looking forward for a tough time in Kulfi’s life.Where David captivated Kulfi in his mysterious house and Kulfi has assumed David as her father,There Sikandar and Mahendra are trying their level best efforts to find Kulfi.And amid this, when Kulfi learns David’s truth, David decides to leave the city and thus he makes Kulfi unconscious.Sikandar finds Kulfi.

David captivates Kulfi and arrives to move out from the city while behind him Sikandar and Mahendra reach to his house but fail to find Kulfi.There Kulfi gains conscious and escapes from David’s trap but as David returns he gets furious and slaps Kulfi for daring to escape from his captivity.David is trying to take away Kulfi out of city so that Sikandar’s can’t reach her and takes Kulfi in unconscious state.Kulfi soon gets consciousness as David had gone to bring something and thus sees Sikandar going in a car.

Kulfj runaway from Sikandar’s clutches and goes after Sikandar but Sikandar and Mahender couldn’t see her.Kulfi and Sikandar’s milan,David comes there as Kulfi falls off while running and slaps her for trying to runaway from his clutches.While soon Sikandar will see David on the road and rush after him to get Kulfi and will have fierce fight dhamaka.

Will Sikandar be able to find Kulfi and save Kulfi from David? Or the story will take in major u-turn in the storyline.

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