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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Update: Gunjan learns Kulfi and Amyra’s trick, Sikandar Lovely’s second chance


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Update: Gunjan learns Kulfi and Amyra’s trick, Sikandar Lovely’s second chance

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Gunjan overhears and learns about Kulfi and Amyra’s trick for New Year celebration!
Kulfi and group were glad for the arrangement worked out, Gunjan catches and takes in reality that every one of the chits in the bowl have the main name “Amayra”.

Gunjan and Tony know about the trap that Kulfi and Amyra have made Sikander accept from their plan.Sikandar and Lovely break the news to Kulfi and Amyra that they are prepared to allow to their relationship, their marriage and their fellowship for Amyra’s joy. They reveal to Amyra that they won’t get separated from now. Amyra gets excessively excited and embraces her folks. Kulfi is likewise cheerful that their arrangement has at long last worked and Sikandar has consented to accommodate with Lovely.

The up and coming show will be intrigued to see, how Gunjan raises reality before everyone.Amyra and Kulfi get stressed that the bowl is missing!Kulfi and Amyra’s arrangement appears to deal with well and things are going easily, Kulfi is content with another choice of Sikandar.Sikandar and Lovely tells Kulfi and Amyra that they are prepared to give one opportunity to their marriage.Amyra is quite befuddled that their arrangement appears to flop as Sikandar hadn’t said anything of joining together, Kulfi asks Sikandar as what is giving a possibility.

Kulfi and Amyra’s new trouble,Kulfi couldn’t comprehend as why Sikandar and Lovely are simply adhered to giving shot and not tolerating their love.Sikandar and Lovely’s this additional opportunity gives beam of want to Kulfi and Amyra.Amyra and Kulfi are presently mindful that the bowl is absent with every one of the chits and they expect that may get captured!

Kulfi establishes out the bowl isn’t at where she kept!She asks Sikandar what does the word chance mean, which makes him feel regretful, since he has guaranteed Lovely that he will give a true endeavor to keep their connection. Beautiful has kept the condition that Sikandar will inspire 30 days to represent the deciding moment the connection, yet he needs to pick Kulfi over her. She solicits him to simply get free from Kulfi on the off chance that he needs his family back. Sikandar motivates defenseless to tune in to Lovely. He neglects to answer Kulfi. Kulfi has no clue that she will get isolated from her dad by and by.

The forthcoming scenes will intrigue perceive how Kulfi and Amyra encourage themselves and save their fellowship and furthermore, prevail in their main goal.

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