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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal Nandini on Road Trip, Nandini finds an ideal partner in Kunal


Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Upcoming Twist: After all drama, Nandini finds an ideal partner in Kunal, not Rajdeep

Colors daily TV Show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka is gearing up for a high voltage drama in the storyline.Rajdeep leaks Nandini’s MMS and also instigates the society by talking bad about Nandini’s character.Where the society raises voice against Nandini’s stay in the society and humiliates her, Kunal comes forth as Nandini’s savior.Kunal takes a stand for Nandini and proves Rajdeep wrong, while Rajdeep was watching the drama from distance Kunal catches him and beats up ruthlessly.Nandini feels blessed.

Kunal beats Rajdeep for trying to trouble Nandini, Rajdeep shows Nandini’s MMS to Kunal which rages Kunal’s anger.Kunal knocks out Rajdeep while Nandini gets troubled seeing Kunal in pain when he gets injured.Where Nandini is going through a deep trauma, she finds an ideal partner in Kunal after how Kunal stands for her.Kunal and Mauli want Nandini to move on in her life, while Mauli finds Nandini’s hidden talent she decides to unlock her happiness.Mauli and Kunal open cooking classes for Nandini while Kunal distributes flyers to neighbors advertising Nandini’s cooking classes.Nandini turns MasterChef.

Nandini is overwhelmed with Mauli and Kunal’s efforts and wishes that their effort doesn’t go in vain.Where the ladies start attending the classes, Nandini gets a lot of appreciation and this brings the lost smile on Nandini’s face while Kunal and Mauli are very happy to see Nandini living an independent and happy life.It would be really interesting to watch if Nandini will face ahead any new problem.Kunal and Nandini’s life seems to take most interesting turn as Kunal, Mauli’s family decides to go on a road trip.Kunal and his family plans to go for a temple visit and takes road trip, while this road trip of Kunal and Nandini will bring shocking twist.Kunal and Nandini’s road trip to love.

Nandini and Kunal gets closer and starts to understand each other better and thus brings change in their behavior.Nandini’s side of story sparks as she starts to like Kunal and realise that they share a compatibility and are too similar to one another.

Will this feeling bring Nandini close to Kunal? Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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