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Kundali Bhagya 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update


Kundali Bhagya 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Karan dances with Preeta. Rakhi cheerfully says the moon has sighted. Karan and Preeta discuss that Sherlin’s ex isn’t here yet. Preeta was sure he will come here. Kareena caught them whispering and asks what is it about. Karan makes up he wants a glass of water. Kareena leaves him to speak to Rishab. Mr. Luthra taunts that Rakhi has shared with him what Karan is up to these days. Karan wasn’t focusing.

Kareena instructs the caterers to serve the food well. Prithvi takes the attire of waiters and comes upstairs. The incharge recognizes he wasn’t from his staff but Prithvi gets a chance to leave with the tray.
Shrishti speaks to Preeta why she is wasting her time over Sherlin. Preeta wasn’t in a mood to explain anything to Shrishti, she says she was instead admiring Sherlin’s dress. Shrishti notices Karan was looking towards them, she takes Preeta’s attention. Karan was looking towards Sherlin now. Shrishti wonders what’s going on. Preeta inquires what Shrishti is going here, but Shrishti leaves her side. Prithvi comes across Preeta and turns around instantly. He nods at Sherlin from a side. Later he was taking the thaal, when he comes across Sarla. Sarla recognizes his voice.

Preeta and Karan watch Sherlin watch a waiter through the sieve. Preeta says they must unveil their truth. Dadi calls Rishab to come to Sherlin. Sherlin decides to only break her fast with her lover’s hand. She fakes to fell down. Preeta also fell down, while both Rishab and Karan were on her side. Sherlin asks for water which Prithvi brings. Rishab holds Karan back towards Preeta.

Prithvi turns to stare at Preeta then runs. Karan and Preeta chase Prithvi who flee from the house.
Upstairs, Rishab wish Preeta was here in place of Sherlin. There, Sherlin thinks Rishab is looking for Preeta, but now only Sherlin has a right over Rishab. She was boastful about her victory against Preeta’s planning. Kareena comes to take her to break her fast.

Preeta and Karan find the fake moustache. Preeta was worried they would not recognize the man now. Karan suggests about looking into the parking lot.

Kareena brings Rishab-Sherlin and Kritika-Akshay to the center, announcing they are rightful to break the fast before others. Rishab signals Rakhi about not interested but Rakhi nods at him. Sherlin thinks Rishab is such an idiot, while Rishab felt bad for Sherlin as he had still been thinking about Preeta. Everyone clap at the fast break.
Sarla tells Shrishti she is tension free for Preeta now. She believe they will keep her really happy, as it’s a nice family. Rakhi breaks her fast now. Sameer and Shrishti indulge in an argument. Sameer says Shrishti likes him. Shrishti calls him cute, and he really likes her. Rakhi finds them together and wonders if something’s going on between them.

Preeta and Karan were shocked to see Prithvi in the car. They weren’t suspicious. Karan goes to look the other side. Prithvi tells Preeta he brought a bangle for her a gift, her Dadi sent him here. Preeta was reluctant to accept the gift.


Kundali Bhagya 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarla speaks to Rakhi about her daughter and Rakhi’s youngest son.

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Kundali Bhagya Details

Kundali Bhagya is an Indian romantic drama television series which broadcasts on Zee TV. It was premiered on 12 July 2017. Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Manit Joura and Anjum Fakih portray the lead roles in the series. Abhishek Kapur plays the parallel lead role. Kundali Bhagya is a spin off of popular show Kumkum Bhagya.


Manit Joura
Sanjay Gagnani
Shraddha Arya
Supriya Shukla
Abhishek Kapur
Anjum Fakih
Dheeraj Dhoopar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min