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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 10th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Abeer says hi to Amla and asks if she remembers him. That day your dupatta was stuck to my jeep and that you went and climbed to the running bus. Amla asks him to give her way. Abeer says you are really a wonder and asks her to tell her name. Meanwhile Dev comes there and waits for Amla, sees Abeer with her. Dev calls her. Amla runs to him. Dev asks if he was teasing you. Amla says no and tells that he is a guest and asking me the way. She takes him away. Abeer sees them and thinks he can’t forget her face, and this guy don’t look good with her.

Dev and Amla are sitting near the pond side and plan about their babies. Dev says he wants just two kids while Amla wants three. He says we two, and ours two. Amla smiles and says if we have two sons and two daughters. Dev says then we will see. Amla says baby boy’s eyes shall be like you. Dev says baby girl should be like you, but she shall not talk much like you.

Amla tells Dev that she was thinking about their marriage expenses, Mannu’s fees and asks how Bhao will handle the expenses. Dev refuses to let her work after marriage and says you will make jalebis only for me. Amla says I was in the dream world till now and didn’t think how house will run after marriage. Dev tells Amla that he will take care of expenses and asks her not to worry. Amla hugs him. Dev asks her to have only love in her eyes and is about kiss her, but Amla moves away and asks him to drop her home. She tells that Bhao loves Mando very much. Dev tells that he will drop her.

Viraj, Suveer, Evan are in Abeer’s jeep while he was driving. They ask him to stop the jeep. Amla sees ayurvedic medicines and recalls she has to give it to Dev for his wound. Viraj makes Abeer have a tablet and says it will make you fly in air. They say real party starts now and ask Abeer to drive the car. Bhao tells Amla that it is late night 4 am. Amla says she will go and give medicine to Dev. Bhao tells that he will give. Amla tells him that she will go early morning before 6 am and will take rickshaw. Bhao asks how you will go? He says we will go together and says I will sleep for sometime. Amla says ok, I will wake you up in sometime. Bhao goes.

Suveer looks at the engagement ring and says it is suffering. He loses his ring because of Evan and asks his friends to search it. Amla recalls Dev asking her to wear the suit which he has gifted her and thinks to wear same suit.

Evan tells Suveer that engagement is over and asks what will happen if it is not found, and if engagement will be cancelled. He says then Rishan will tell that his son made his hardwork wasted.

Amla comes to Bhao and tries to wake him up. Bhao is in deep sleep. Amla thinks she is getting late and shall go and give medicine to Dev. Abeer and his friends are heaving drunk. Abeer says he is feeling strange and asks what is this tablet. Suveer asks them to forget the ring. Amla gets the rickshaw, but it stops working. Amla says how I will go now and tells him that she is getting late. Driver asks her to be careful. Dev is leaving for work and waits for Amla. He toss the coin and looks for the coin. Amla is walking to reach Dev. Abeer and his friends are sitting near the bonfire and talk when did they have cigarette, drink, girl friend.

Abeer says he never drinks, but when they come, they make him drink forcefully and Maaso scolds him. They ask Abeer about his girl friend. Viraj says he saw the girl, but couldn’t know her name. Evan says her name is Bhabhi. Abeer says she is good and innocent. He says I saw her for the first time when I came to pick you guys. Evan swears on his bottle that he will search his bhabhi. Abeer sees Amla and tells his friends that he saw her. He tells that he is drunk and that’s why imagining her. Suveer says she is there. They ask him to hold her chidiya.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Abeer runs to hold Amla. Amla asks him to let her go. Evan, Suveer and Viraj tie her mouth and hands, and rape her. Dev is seen waiting for Amla. Amla is in tears and gets unconscious.

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