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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mando tells Amla that Anisha is Dev’s lover and she came here following you so that she can inform him about you and he can kill us. Amla recalls calling Dev and Anisha picking the call, and also recalls Dev keeping bouquet for Anisha and the latter lying to her. She gets up and looks at Abeer with question in her eyes. Abeer looks down. Amla thinks Dev was planning her kidnapping. Karuna asks if Anisha was Dev’s lover. Abeer says no and says it is a lie, they are friends. Mando says they don’t sleep or stay together, they might be just friends who wanted to break amla’s head. Amla asks her to stop it and takes out the wooden box with Dev’s gifts and memories out. She takes out the things and gifts which Dev gave to her. She pours kerosene oil on the things and burns it. Everyone looks on. Amla cries badly recalling Dev and their love. Dil jude bina hi chutgaye……

She gets up and brings axe and breaks the box while crying badly. Raghu and Karuna comfort her. Anisha thinks about Amla and thinks to call Karuna. She hopes Abeer must have found her. She recalls Sunny and Boss running behind Amla and thinks to go to her room and see. Just then Police comes there. Anisha is surprised and says she is in hurry to go somewhere. Inspector says we know everything about you, it is better to co operate.

Mando tells Abeer that that’s why spit the poison to end Dev’s matter. She says if I had not done this, then how Dev’s name would have been erased and your name can easily be written on her heart. She says I have done which you haven’t done in all these months. Abeer says it is difficult to understand you. Mando says miracle like her is not born daily.

Inspector asks Anisha about Amla. Anisha says she is my friend and asks why you are asking. Dev comes to Anisha’s building. He takes lift and are coming to her house. Inspector asks what happened to her. Anisha is shocked and says I will tell whatever you ask. Inspector says she might have told you why they had a fight. Anisha says they had a small argument and that’s why she left home. Inspector says Abeer and Amla said the same thing, you are her true friend. Anisha asks did Amla tell you. He says he met her and she is fine. Anisha gets happy and relaxed, and tells that it was a usual husband and wife fight. Inspector thanks her for giving her time.

Dev comes there. Inspector sees him and goes. Dev asks Anisha why Police came here and what happened to her. She says she had an accident in the party. Anisha says Police came to ask for thief/goon. Dev asks what nonsense, why thief and goons will come. Anisha says then what kind of guys will come. Dev asks what happened? Anisha recalls the happenings and says not important. Dev says ok, if you don’t want to tell. Anisha says truth is bitter, everyone don’t have the strength to listen to it. Dev asks what does she mean. Anisha says it is daily drama, today she is very tired. Dev offers help. Anisha says when you come here drunk, I take care of you. You become Anisha for a day, I will become Dev. Dev says ok and says what do you think that I can’t take care and tells that he will make lunch. Anisha says you will have a duty to go. Dev says I forgot and says he will make food after coming back, and in the morning, he will make breakfast and tea before going. He goes. Anisha thinks I never thought that you will take care of me one day.

Pallavi shows the jewellery to Mahi. Mahi gets happy and says I loved it. Rishan says marriage date is fixed and says congrats to Manwinder. Hema says it is good that all problems are solved about this marriage. Manwinder asks last time, we spoke about it, and asks if Suveer did something. Hema says I mean to say that Pallavi was not getting correct dates etc. She gives her ancestral bangles. Mahi’s mum asks Hema to search girl for Evan. She asks where is he? Viren says he is busy in office. Hema says she will call him. Just then Evan comes there and says good morning.

Amla is standing near the pool side and thinks everyone betrayed her, Mando, Abeer and her new friend Anisha. Abeer comes there and asks her to come, says he wants to make her meet someone. Amla says she don’t want to meet anyone and will be alone always. Abeer says I could reach you last night because of this person. Amla looks at him.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer asks Amla to look at her pictures and says these are part of your memories. He says there are some bitterness, but that doesn’t mean that you shall end the sweetness of your life. He asks her not to ruin her future for her past. He asks her to walk with her dear ones and see how beautiful the journey would be. Amla looks at the pics and cries emotionally.

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