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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer tells that he heard about high storm in Mumbai. He collects the papers which is scattered all around in his room. Amla takes out clothes from the rope. Mannu shouts being scared. Abeer runs out of room hearing Mannu shouting. He collides with Amla. She asks him to move from her way. He asks her to bring the clothes and goes inside. Abeer comes and asks what happened? Mannu tells Abeer that two ghosts are fighting as said by mando. Amla reasons with Mannu that clouds are playing with each other and making sound. Abeer tells Raghu that he will check the fuse box. He asks Amla where is the box. She says that side. Abeer comes to Mannu and asks not to get scared. He asks Amla where is the fuse box and asks her to hold his mobile torch. He asks her to hold closely. She drops it on floor.

Abeer says it is gone. Amla brings candle. Abeer looks at her. Candle is blow off. She lights it again. Abeer looks at Amla.

Viraj comes and sits on the floor near Divya’s feet. Divya wakes up and says Viraj. Darshan comes and scolds him as his admission is cancelled at London University. Viraj asks who am I? if mistake of you both. Darshan goes angrily. Viraj asks who hurt her….and whose child he is? Divya says you are my and your Papa’s son. She asks him to mend his ways and gets better, and don’t ask for forgiveness. Viraj thinks to become good. Amla holds the candle while turning her face and the hot wax falls on his feet. He bears the pain.

Rishan tells everyone that Pallavi did magic and called her queen of diplomacy. He says Suveer told me that you blackmailed Manwinder ji emotionally so that he agreed. Pallavi says atleast I did something. Raunaq and hema tells that she did right, now Suveer and Mahi are together. Viren says we both are rich in talks. Abeer repairs the fuse and the electricity comes back. Mannu says light came back. He closes the box and it hurts Amla. He says sorry. Amla then sees him taking out wax from his foot. Abeer goes.

Suveer tells Mahi that he will check with the wedding planner. Evan comes there and says you are deciding colors schemes with Mahi. He says when I called you, you didn’t pick my call. Suveer tells him that what he would have done, as he was at Manwinder’s place. He says I have to be diplomat, I can’t risk my marriage. I was genuinely helpless. Evan says you didn’t save me. Suveer says Manwinder and Dad have no hand in that. Evan calls him coward rat. Suveer holds his hand and hits on his chest. He blames him for Amla’s rape. Evan says you was desperate seeing that girl, did I ask you to rape her. He beat each other and go out of room while fighting.

Raghu asks Abeer to sit with Mannu. Mannu tells Abeer that he is a real superman. Amla sees redness of Abeer’s foot. Abeer says I will go and sleep. Mannu says I want to show you something. Raghu brings the torch and gives to Abeer. Abeer says he will repair it. Mannu brings a box and shows him. Abeer sees the handkerchief with his name with embroidery. He says he will take it to school. Amla asks him to go and sleep. Mannu says he will talk to Abeer. Abeer says we shall sleep for now and tells that if you don’t sleep now then will wake up light and his play time will be lost. Mannu tells Amla that Abeer made him understand that she was right and now he is going to sleep. He tells Raghu that he will give him torch.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Evan and Suveer have a fight. Evan calls him loser. Suveer beats him. Rishan smiles. Amla tells that nobody can he his phupha ji if not Dev. Mannu shows Dev and Amla’s pics to Abeer. Abeer is shocked and tries to recollect.