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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Manwinder informs Rishan about the news published in the newspaper in rape case and asks if you have any answer. Rishan says it is our rival’s conspiracy. Someone is doing this deliberately. Manwinder asks him to get apology letter published in the newspaper by the media. Mahi cries. Her mum tries to console her. Manwinder threatens him. Rishan tells that he will sue the newspaper and ends the call. Pallavi asks how the news got leaked? Rishan says he will talk to Viren. Viren wakes up and finds Dev standing. Dev grabs his collar and asks where is Amla? Viren tells that he will get him arrested. Dev says I am coming from there and makes him read the newspaper. Viren is shocked and says I don’t know anything. He tells that he was just helping Mando, and made Amla and Abeer marry. Dev says you are lying? Viren asks him to open the eyes and says if that girl was yours, she would have filed the complaint. She must not have went with him with her will.
Mahi cries and says he can’t do this. Manwinder’s wife asks him about the news. He tells about it. Dev asks about Rishan Malik’s son involvement.

Viren tells that he will file defamation case against the media who accused his son. He gets Rishan’s call and he asks him about the news. Viren tells that Dev is here and he showed me newspaper. He says he will go to court and file defamation case. Rishan asks him not to do anything. Viren says he will handle. Dev asks Viren why did you help Amla for free, and says you are not so good. Viren says you couldn’t help your lover and escaped hearing the word rape, and showing as if you are pained. He says I will handle the newspaper, you shall handle yourself. Dev looks on.

Mahi calls Suveer and asks if this true. Suveer asks how can you ask me? Mahi says this news was of when you didn’t pick the call and you staying away from me. Suveer asks how can you believe on this? Mahi says I am just asking you ? Suveer says if this is your love, if you don’t trust me then no need to marry. Mahi says I am just asking, did you? Suveer says I will not answer this question in yes or no. He says your question is unfair.

Pallavi asks him to calm down and says he is lying easily. Suveer denies the news. Mahi says if there is even 1 perfect truth then…..She cries and tells her mum that he don’t love her and was angry on her. Her mum says you would have given him a chance to speak up. Rishan says what an acting? Even I was convinced that you are saying truth and asks him to start acting. He says truth is that you can’t work as an actor also and says you are living luxurious life on my money. Suveer asks him to leave him alone. Rishan slaps him and warns him. He says if Abeer tells anything to Police then. Suveer says Abeer will not say anything and tells that he met him yesterday. Rishan gets angry on him and asks if you are making plans to start new thing.

Mahi tells her mum that Suveer don’t love me. Her mum asks her to handle the situation wisely. Mahi asks if he could do such thing and cries. Viren tells Dev that he is saved for a reason and says these things happen. He says Malik Saheb have many enemies who got the news published. Dev asks what is their benefit. Viren says if they put false blame then they will benefit. Dev gets Sultan’s call and he informs him that Pushpa’s condition is unwell. Dev says I am coming. He tells Viren that he will come later.

Rishan enquires about the dharmshala newspaper editor and says he wants to file case against him. He then tells that he wants to meet him. Abeer is talking to Mando and tells that they are in hotel now. Mando asks him to send address. Bhao insists to talk to Amla. Amla takes the call and asks Bhao not to leave her with this man, and asks him to come soon. Abeer goes to washroom and recalls the recent happenings and her words. He cries.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rishan tells Raunaq that if you can’t handle the situation then let me handle it. Evan asks him not to shout and says we can understand. Abeer asks Amla to apply ice on her wound. Amla throws it. Later Amla sees Evan and is shocked. Evan also sees her.

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