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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 11th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Evan asks Abeer to go and catch his jiya. Abeer tries to hold Amla and asks her to tell her name. Amla bites his hand and tries to escape. Abeer feels dizzy due to alcohol and drugs influence. Evan, Viraj and Suveer take her to shelter. Abeer comes there and tries to stop them. Evan pushes him and he falls unconscious. They tie Amla. Amla shouts asking them to leave her. Amla hits Evan. Evan gets angry and asks Viraj to tie her mouth. Viraj ties her mouth. Abeer gets up, but is in drowsy state. Evan rapes her. Amla cries.

Dev waits for her. Viraj and Suveer also rape her. Abeer comes near Amla. Amla looks at him and signs no. She falls unconscious with pain and tears come out from her eyes. Dev leaves with the tourist. Later in the morning, Amla is still tied up in the shelter in a brutally rape state, and unconscious.

Karuna comes to the jungle area to get the herbs and comes near the shelter. She sees Amla and gets shocked. She runs to her and asks what happened?She asks her to get up. Amla gets up with much difficulty. Karuna askss who have done this and how did you come here. Viraj is driving the car while others are looking in shock state. Karuna asks did anyone beat you.

Amla cries and falls unconscious. Karuna checks her nerves and call ambulance. Viraj stops the jeep at the resort. Evan and Suveer gets down the car and go inside. Viraj starts the jeep and goes with Abeer.

Mando comes to Amla’s room and calls her. Bhao says it is raining heavily. Mando taunts him for Amla and asks where did she go? Bhao says I didn’t know. Mando says you know everything and asks him to tell. Bhao says she must have went to give medicine to Dev. Mando asks who let her go and says if man gets everything before marriage then who will marry her. She asks him to go and bring Amla, thinks she has gone mad not to leave any chance.

Abeer is in state of shock still. Mannu asks where is bua? Mando says to hell and asks him to get ready. Dev hears RD Burman’s call and smiles. Mando calls Dev and asks where did you hide our Amla. Dev says I didn’t understand. Mando asks him to tell Amla to correct her dupatta as Bhao is coming there. Dev says he is away from Dharmshala 150 kms. Mando says she lied to you also. Dev gets worried and says may be she came after I left and asks her to make her talk to him after coming back.

Karuna brings ambulance and asks Amla not to worry. Amla thinks about Dev’s words that they will marry and stay together. Few localist gather there. Amla is taken in the ambulance. Viraj is in shock. Abeer recalls his friends teasing Amla. He gets scared with the thought of Amla getting raped by his friends and see the bite mark on his hand. He runs from there shocked. Viraj tries to stop him, but Abeer leaves.

Amla is in pain. Karuna tells her everything will be fine. Bhao comes to the under construction house of Dev and calls Amla. He wonders where is she? He thinks to ask someone and thinks to go to Dev’s office. Amla writhes in pain as the doctor checks her BP. Doctor says her BP is low.



Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhao shows Amla’s pic to Abeer and asks did you see her. Abeer is shocked and recalls the assualt. Amla is in hospital and cries. Dev asks Mando, did you tell her anything. Mando says no. Later Mando calls Police. Karuna shows the bangle and says it was given to the guests in Malik’s engagement party and shows the bangle to Inspector. Inspector asks her to tell her appearance and says may be she is the same girl. Evan hears him shockingly.

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