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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer’s gesture touches Amla’s heart

Abeer tells Amla that if could reach then because of this person. Amla is surprised. She goes with him to the other side. She sees canvas board and her pics on it with her family as Abeer unveils them one by one. Amla gets emotional seeing the pic. Evan comes and says sorry to everyone. He hugs Suveer. Manwinder asks why did you walking like a goon wearing specs. Evan says it is a style. Rishan recalls asking Evan not to come infront of Manwinder ji. Evan asks Rishan not to worry as it is Suveer’s marriage. Mahi is taking her selfie. Dev comes there and looks at her. Mahi says you are dharmshala driver. Dev says you have recognized me. Mahi says how can I forget as my engagement happened there. Dev says he don’t want to remember anything related to Dharmshala. Mahi says it is such a beautiful place and asks why do you want to forget it. Evan is shocked to see them talking. Dev says you fell in love with Dharmshala and I fell in love with someone there, first and love last. Mahi asks who is she?

Abeer asks Amla who are these people who are with her in the pic and says they love you so much. Amla looks at her pic, Raghu and Mannu’s pic. She gets teary eyes.

Mahi asks if she was beautiful. Dev recalls Amla and says she was the most beautiful of the world for me. Rishan stops Evan and asks why did your driver come here for the party. Evan asks him to handle Manwinder and says I will handle Dev. Viren asks what he is doing here and says if he takes Amla’s name then what will happen. Evan asks why you both are diverting Manwinder ji’s attention here. Manwinder asks what happened? Dev tells Mahi that something happened that night which snatched my dreams. Mahi asks what happened? Just then Evan comes and asks him to keep laptop and keys on the sofa and go. He asks Mahi to come as Suveer is waiting. Mahi smiles and goes.

Abeer tells Amla that her inner happiness brought him near her, and tells that if your smile have vanished then I wouldn’t have forgiven me. He says they are part of your life, there is bitterness in your life and but that doesn’t mean that you shall forget living. He asks her to get all the happiness and see. He asks her not to ruin her present for past, and walk with the dear ones and see the journey could be very beautiful. Abeer goes from there. Amla says you are saying right, I am lucky that I have everyone with me. She wipes her tears. Rishan asks Mahi what she was talking to Evan’s driver. Mahi says I told him that I got engaged in Dharmshala. She says it is strange when I got engaged, he broke up with his girl friend on the same night and was crying. Rishan says he was a crying baby and tells that Evan insisted to keep him. He asks Mahi to talk to Suveer else he will cry. Mahi laughs.

Amla comes out of house recalling Abeer’s words to accept all the happiness of life and see how her smile will be back. Amla opens her arms and smiles. Abeer reminisces seeing her for the first time and thinks he will not leave her or let the happiness or smile go from her face, even if she gets angry or scold him. Amla looks at him and recalls Abeer asking her to start walking and he is behind her. She recalls Abeer helping her filling correspondence form, saving her from goons and bringing her back home. She smiles looking at him and goes. Abeer also smiles.

A girl come and tells Hema that she came from wedding planner office and asks her to check the cards and approve it. Hema says this is too simple, old and sub standard. She shows her card which Pallavi and Rishan selected. Hema dislikes it. Wedding planner tells that they like it. Hema says in that case tell her that I loved it. She asks her not to waste her time when everything is decided. Wedding planner says ok. Evan says he will take this card and give to someone. Hema gets angry and tells Evan that he is just like his dad. Evan says have trust on me and says this card is for guest of honor and says bye.

Dev makes coffee for Anisha. Anisha is touched. Dev says you have taken care of me when nobody was with me. When I don’t have shelter and good, you gave me both. This gesture of mine is not big than that. He says my heart is broken, but I am not stone hearted. She says she is feeling itching in the bandage. He asks her to sit and says he will bring. He comes to room and happens to see Amla’s bag. He sees Amla’s clothes and is shocked. Anisha asks if he got the bandage and is shocked too.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Guard informs Rishan and viren that Mandakini came to meet them. Mahi asks Suveer what she is doing here. Evan comes to Abeer’s house and knocks on the door. Amla says she is coming and asks to wait. Evan says he can wait for 2 mins. Abeer opens the window and gets angry and shocked seeing him.

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