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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12th April 2017 Watch Online on

Doctor gives injection to Amla. Amla in an unconscious state thinks about Dev, a fb is shown Dev tells her that he won’t let anybody touch her and will always be with her. Abeer is in a state of shock and standing on centre of the road. Few persons take the God’s procession. He hears the ambulance and someone moves him from the way. Amla’s ambulance passes from there, but he didn’t see. Karuna sees bangle in Amla’s hand and recalls getting bangle as gift in Rishan’s party. She thinks she is a localist. She brings her to hospital and tells lady Inspector that she found the girl near the pond in a bad condition as if some inhuman.

Inspector asks her to give her statement. Mando talks to Dev. Dev asks did you tell her anything. Mando tells that she didn’t tell anything and taunts Dev for accusing her and says we also care for her. Bhao comes and tells that he couldn’t found Amla. Mando asks if you both have planned this to trouble me and asks him to check in market. Bhao goes.

Abeer is in shock and sitting on the mountain side. Bhao comes and asks the people in the market if they saw Amla. They say no. Bhao gets worried and continues to search her.

In the hospital, Amla sees a male doctor and reacts. She recalls Viraj, Suveer, Evan and Abeer and gets unconscious. Lady doctor tells male doctor that they can’t do her internal check up till she gives her consent. Bhao shows Amla’s pic to Abeer and asks did you see her. Abeer gets shocked and says no.
He hears someone asking Bhao to inform Police. Bhao says yes. Abeer thinks this means she is still there and runs towards that place.

Inspector asks sub inspector to inform her if he receives any missing complaint of a girl. She sees her ornaments and asks to send it for foreignsic test. Karuna tells her that Malik gave these bangles to all guests in the party. Inspector asks her to stay here for some more time.

Karuna tells that she will not go until the criminals are caught. Abeer comes to the spot and see the swing moving. He looks on shocked. Karuna comes to ward to see Amla. Abeer comes inside and gets flashes of his friends raping Amla. He sits in shock and shattered.

Karuna calls Abeer but he rejects her call. She calls him again. He walks out, recalls Amla’s trauma and Bhao asking him about Amla. He closes his ears. He drops his phone on ground and walk inside the pond. He couldn’t forget the incident and comes out of pond. Amla’s dupatta is seen stuck to the tree.

Evan sees Police coming to the resort and gets panic. Hema asks if he didn’t sleep in night. Evan says yes and excuses himself. Bhao comes to the Police station to file fIR, but Inspector says that he can’t file before 24 hours. Inspector asks Manager about the girl who attended party. Pallavi greets Rishan and says she couldn’t wake up. Rishan asks her to take care of Suveer and tells that he is sleeping drunk in his room. She asks him if Police came as they had loud music.

Rishan says nobody can dare that. Manager asks Inspector to tell her name. Inspector says they didn’t know. Just then he gets call from other inspector informing about the missing girl and gives her description and name. Inspector asks Manager about Amla. Manager says she came here to apply mehendi to ladies. Inspector shows her pic. Manager confirms. Evan sees them from far. Inspector asks where is she? Other Inspector says she is in govt hospital. Bhao gets worried. Rishan comes and asks what is happening.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Suveer asks Evan to do something and says I am dead man. Rishan comes to his room. Mahi asks Suveer about his ring. Suveer is tensed. Everyone looks on.

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