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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer and Amla on a family date, past haunts her

Dev sees Amla’s clothes in Anisha’s house. Anisha asks if he found the bandage. Dev is in shock and asks Anisha, whose clothes is this. Anisha asks what happened to you. He asks her not to tell that this is her clothes. Anisha says this is her friend’s clothes who came to stay with her. Dev says friend? Anisha says what happened to you suddenly. Dev apologizes. Anisha asks him to make coffee.

Abeer and Amla come to restaurant with Karuna, Bhao and Mannu. Amla says she needs water. Mannu checks the menu card. Raghu says he will have sabzi roti. Abeer raises his hand, but seeing Amla not raising her hand. He keeps his hand down. Raghu asks who wants to have Chinese. Amla raises her hand. Waiter serves them noodles. Amla tries to eat looking how Abeer is eating it. She laughs seeing how Mannu is eating. Mannu says Phuphu ji taught you how to eat and calls her cheater. She shows him how to eat.

Mando thinks Amla don’t care for Abeer, but Abeer runs behind her. Abeer, Amla and others are having food when he sees news about Suveer and Mahi’s upcoming marriage. He gets up and asks waiter to switch off the TV or change the channel. Waiter refuses and asks him to talk to Manager. Amla spills noodles on her dress and gets up. She comes near Abeer and watches news about Suveer and Mahi’s marriage. She gets shocked and scared. Abeer is shocked to see her in pain. He asks her not to see TV and asks her to come. She recalls that night. Mando watches the news too and thinks Viren didn’t tell me this. She thinks to go and asks him, how much they are going to spend on bride and groom. Abeer asks Amla to come with him. He tells Karuna and Raghu that Amla is unwell, and he is taking her home. He asks them to take Mannu to beach. Amla and Abeer leave.

Mandu comes to Rishan’s house and asks Servant to tell that she has come. Servant says boss is busy. Mando asks him to tell that Mandu came. Mahi tells that she got tired of shopping. Suveer asks why did you go for shopping then. Mahi says she wants to shop by herself. Viren says ladies will do like that, will get tired but don’t leave shopping. Servant informs Viren that Mandikini came. Viren goes to meet her. Mahi says she heard this name before. She tries to go and check. Suveer stops her. Viren asks Mando why did you come here. Mando says you didn’t tell me about the wedding and says she thought to give shagun and blessing. Mahi tells Suveer that Amla’s bhabhi name was mandakini to. She tries to go. Suveer asks her to come. Mahi says now you are getting romantic, and asks him to wait says she wants to see who is that woman. Abeer brings Amla home. Amla closes the door before he could go inside. She comes to room and thinks about the news. Evan comes there with Suveer’s marriage card and thinks to give it to Amla. Abeer stands outside the house and then goes to his outhouse.

Amla cries and thinks her past will never leave her, how much she tries to forget it though, that black night will never let me be happy. She thinks she don’t have the rights to be happy. Evan knocks on the door. Abeer also hears the sound. Amla thinks Abeer is on door and tells that she is coming and asks him to wait for 2 mins. Evan says I can wait for 2 mins, afterall I am waiting for this moment since long. Abeer opens his window and is shocked to see Evan standing.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer asks Amla not to do this. Amla says our relation was done as my family thought that this is the only way to get saved from Dev. She says now that danger is over. We don’t need to act now. I want to divorce you. Abeer looks sad and shocked.

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