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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mahi tells Amla that she wants to talk to her and asks her something. Amla says she don’t want to talk and asks her to go. Mahi says I know you know why did I come here, and says she is getting married to Suveer in some days and then she can’t back off. She tells that she read in the newspaper about Suveer and asks if he really did that with her on that night. She says whom to believe and asks her to tell the truth. She asks if Suveer did really rape you. She asks her to tell the truth and asks how can you let a girl marry him being a girl. Amla is in dilemma. Mando calls Amla to serve them food. She comes out and sees Mahi. She calls Raghu. Karuna and Raghu come there. Mahi says she wanted to talk to Amla alone. Mando asks her to go and asks why to scratch the wounds. Mahi says I know what happened to you, and says she has been hearing different stories with different people and asks Amla to tell the truth.

Mando asks her to go and says you are not social worker to ask. Mahi tells her that not to make Amla hide the truth and says I am sure Amla will tell truth for me and my parents, whom have many dreams with this marriage. Amla is confused and is about to tell her. Abeer comes there and says not only her. Mahi is shocked to see Abeer. Abeer says even I was there at that night. He says Amla don’t want to say, and says he will tell her everything. Mahi looks at Amla before going.

Mando thinks how did she come here and asks Amla who told her that we stay here. Karuna asks how did Amla know? Mando asks then whom to ask? She taunts Karuna. Karuna says you have locked her mouth and thinking that you are favoring her. She says Mahi wants to know the truth and have seen the truth in the news. She asks her to think about Mahi and says if Mahi gets married to that devil then she has to spend rest of her life with him. Amla says you didn’t come to stop my marriage when I was married off with the devil. She goes inside. Mando taunts Karuna. Karuna hopes Abeer tells the truth. Amla thinks of Viren’s words that if she tells truth then dev will kill everyone and go to jail.

Mando calls Viren. Viren picks the call and asks what happened? Mando asks him to pick call sometimes. Raghu comes there. Mando asks him to go and closes the door. Viren says it is difficult to talk on phone while driving. Mando says you will be shocked and says Mahi came here to talk to Amla. She says Abeer came and took her with him. Viren says he will not tell her anything. He thinks to check the near by coffee shop near Abeers house and thinks to search them. Mando opens the door.

Raghu asks to whom, you were talking to? Mando says Viren ji. Amla asks why do you talk to him. She says what you were saying about Mahi, and says now you want to ruin her life. Amla says atleast her life shall be saved, and says you have ruined my life. Mando pushes her badly and asks her to lock her mouth. Amla falls down and cries. Mando tells them that they all are here because of her and shows favor on them. She threatens to leave the house with Mannu. Karuna comes and makes Amla’s sit. Raghu asks Amla why she fought with Mando and goes after Mando calling her Laadi.

Mahi and Abeer come to the coffee shop. She says I am getting married and don’t want to keep any confusion in mind. She says whenever I think about that news, I get restless. Viren calls Abeer and searches for them. Abeer asks who gave you address? Mahi says she followed Viren when he came to drop Mando. She asks what is the truth. Viren thinks if Abeer tells anything then everything will be finished. He finally sees Mahi’s car and gets down. Mahi asks are you sure? Abeer says yes. Mahi is shocked. Viren goes to them and says he came to have coffee. Abeer tells him that Mahi wants to know the truth, and says he followed you when you met Mando. Viren asks Abeer, what did you say? Abeer says he told everything. Viren is shocked.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahi tells that whatever Abeer told her have changed everything. Later Dev follows Suveer in auto. Abeer warns Mando not to raise hand on Amla again.