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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Amla and Abeer talk to each other while playing dumb charades. Abeer signs hum aapke hai kaun. Amla signs him…He says Jani Dushman. Amla laughs. Abeer says you have spoiled my mood. Amla says she was teasing him and asks him not to think them as best Jodi seriously. Amla asks can I cook food now, or you will stare me continuously. Abeer says I didn’t hold your hairs and says you are staring me. Amla gives him something to eat and also gives water. Abeer goes.

Evan tells Rishan that when IT dept raided them. The investors were harassing us. We were in profit because of Thakur family that’s why this relation is important. We were losing Market trust because of their anger, and this was the only way to save our family and business. This is not a love marriage, I have risked my life. I had to do it. Suveer says you have taken a big step and haven’t told anyone. He says you have done this intentionally to make me feel low. Evan says he don’t have time to waste and says I found this solution and grabbed it. What I would have told that I am going to marry your to be wife. Rishan says you didn’t tell him thinking about his feelings for Mahi. He says you have a dirty mind.

Evan says Ritu forced Mahi for this marriage. Rishan says Ritu is a smart woman. Evan says sick and dirty mind is of your mind according to Amla. They have no problem with me, but with Suveer and you. He says it was good that they consider my family because of me. Rishan says when they come to know that you had also raped Amla then will they trust you even then. Evan says you are saying this, and says they don’t know about this, he is clean. Suveer says he will tell Ritu and Mahi that you are the first one to raped Amla, we followed you. Evan says then we will come on road. He asks him to think and says you are free to do it.

Karuna announces that next round and says first Jodi will get laptop, second Jodi will get jhumkas and bangles. Abeer thinks to came second to get jewellery for Amla. Amla thinks she shall get first so that Abeer can get laptop. Karuna tells that Mando and Raghu go to do Mumbai darshan of ganapati. She ties the hands of the 4 couples. Amla says she is feeling punished. Abeer says do rahi’s destination is same, you are tie to me now. Amla says you are tied to me, where ever I will go, you have to follow me. Abeer says I will follow you all life. Karuna says this round Jodi will be the winner. She asks them to make food. Amla and Abeer come to kitchen to cook food. Other three couples are also making food. Karuna checks their food.

Amla and Abeer gets closer as their hands are tied. Ang lagade re song plays….They have an eye lock. Neighbors see them. They smile. Abeer cuts tomatoes and onion, etc. Amla kneads the flour. Amla also helps her. They have an eye lock. Karuna tells that for next round, husband have to propose his wife. The first three husband propose their husband. Abeer thinks of an idea. Next Abeer and Amla turns come. Karuna asks where is Abeer? Light is set off as Amla’s pic appears on the projectr screen. Abeer says your innocence is seen first and then your smile hidden in your eyes. When you see shyly then mountain’s ice is melted. With your voice, valley gets musical. He says he never thought that this happens in real also. Before meeting you, this Abeer was not Abeer, after meeting you….Abeer becomes Mr. Abeer Anand. Everyone moves back so that Abeer can come near Amla. He comes near her.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amla is upset with Abeer. He pulls her hand and she makes flower falls on him. Abeer asks why she is upset. Amla says I don’t you lost that game intentionally. I wanted that laptop for you.

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