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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer comes near Amla and says he was not Abeer before, but he became Mr. Abeer Anand after meeting her. He says he has learnt from her how to think about others, take care of others, think about other more than self, I have learn all this from you Amla. Amla looks at him and sees her pics at projector screen. Abeer says you are my hope, my jaan/life, there is no fun in cooking and eating without you, there is no enjoyment in reading or to listen song without you, without you…I am not me. And with you…

I am with the best avatar as you are with me, my friend, my hum rahi…we have to walk on the same path and that’s why I am asking you..will you become my friend. He bends down on his knees asking her if she will become his humsafar. Everyone looks at them smiling. Abeer forwards his hand towards Amla. Amla gives her hand in his hand and says yes…I will become your humsafar and dost. Everyone claps for them. Abeer looks at her. Karuna says Abeer has won by proposing Amla the best. Amla also looks at him.

Karuna says this will be the last round, and says it is a tie for the previous round and says whoever wins will get laptop and second Jodi will get jhumka and bangles. Mando says she will also plan hearing the prize. Karuna says you have backed out. Mando insists to play. Mannu asks Abeer to win laptop. Karuna says all jodis have to take 7 rounds while playing musical chair. Amla gets tensed. Abeer thinks she is not ready yet. Mando taunts Karuna. Karuna tells Amla that if she don’t want to play then its ok. Amla says we will play and will win too. They take rounds while playing musical chair.

As Abeer sits on chair, Amla shyly sits on his lap. Next Amla sits on chair, Abeer sits lightly on side of chair. Mando plays alone and loses. Now there is just two jodis playing. Abeer walks slow. Amla falls down in his arms and have an eye lock. Abeer thinks you are not ready for 7 rounds, this time is not for us, we will take rounds when the time right comes. Karuna asks the winner Jodi to take the laptop. The winning jodi’s son asks Mannu to make him have icecream for losing in the game. Amla gets upset. The winning Jodi gets the laptop. Mannu tells Abeer and Amla that Chintu is teasing him. Amla says it is ok, atleast we tried. Karuna gives jhumka and bangles to Abeer and Amla. Amla is upset with him. Neighbor tells Abeer that Amla seems to be angry. Abeer says she can’t be angry with me. Mannu asks Abeer to handle Amla.

Suveer comes to Evan’s room. Mahi asks if you need something. She says Evan is not here. Suveer asks Mahi how she could do this and asks why she became selfish. Mahi says what you are saying this and says you know why did I do this. Evan comes and says important discussion is going on between dewar and bhabhi. He tells Mahi that he is hungry and asks her to bring something for him. Mahi says sure and goes. Evan asks Suveer to accept the reality. Suveer says you knows well that you did right, I don’t deserve this. He leaves. Evan says did we deserve what your father have been doing with us since many years.

Abeer asks Amla to listen to her. Amla is taking flowers out, Abhi holds her hand, Amla tries to go and the flowers fall on them. Karuna calls Amla and asks her to bring flowers. Amla says ok. Abeer asks why she is upset? Amla says Mannu lost the challenge because of you and says even she wanted to win that laptop for him. She says she knows that he lost intentionally. Abeer says he don’t intent to win laptop as he wanted to get bangles and jhumkas for her, and thought how she will look wearing these things. He gives bangles and jhumka in her hand and goes. Amla smiles. She comes wearing jhumkas and bangles which they won. Abeer looks at her jhumkas and bangles and smiles. Amla also smiles. Everyone dances. Karuna says visarjan time came. Abeer lifts Ganapati in his hand and smiles.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amla is toweling her hairs. She is shocked to see Dev coming there and shouts asking why did he come. Dev looks at her. Abeer, Mando and others are shocked.

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