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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer runs from the outhouse towards the house and takes Evan to side keeping his hand on her mouth and asks how dare you to come here, did you forget the beating. Evan says I came to invite you and Bhabhi to Suveer’s wedding, and says you both have to come. Abeer asks him to leave. Amla is coming there and sees Evan going, but don’t see his face. Mando asks Viren to give money for sweets. Viren gives money and asks her to leave and asks her not to forget what happens when you mess with Malik family. He asks her to go. Mando goes in lift. Mahi comes there with Suveer.

Amla sees Abeer and asks who was he? Abeer says someone was asking way so he told them. Amla says ok and goes. Viren tells Mahi that the woman was needy and he gave her money. Suveer tells that Mahi thought that she is Amla’s bhabhi. Viren says Mahi is tired of shopping and shall go to Spa. Suveer asks her to come.

Mando tells Raghu that he is looking good. Raghu says Amla brought this for me. Abeer comes and looks at Amla, he drops clothes and asks Maaso to press his clothes. Amla smiles. Mando gets agent’s call and he tells her that someone is interested to buy her house and asks her to come by tomorrow. He asks her to tell if there is someone too who wants to sell the house, and says you will get 10 percent commission. She convinces mando to sell her house. Karuna is hesitant. Mando asks agent to book flight tickets for 6 people. He looks at Viren. Viren signs ok. Amla says she will not go. Mando asks agent to book 4 tickets as Abeer will also not come. Agent says ok. Viren asks Agent to handle Mando. Agent says let them come there.

Mando, Karuna and others are leaving. Mannu says if bua gets scared without me. Mando says Abeer is there for her. They leave for Dharmshala. Abeer asks Amla not to open the door till he comes. Bolna song plays. They book look at each other. Abeer’s shirt get burnt. Amla lifts the iron and asks where is your concentration. Abeer says I was looking at you, as you were studying and I remembered my college days. Amla offers to iron his clothes. Abeer recalls Mando’s words that amla is his Laadi now. He looks at Amla and goes. Amla presses his clothes and go to outhouse. She sees wedding invitation card of Suveer and gets shocked.

Abeer comes there. Amla asks what is this? She asks who gave this? She says he was on door and asks who was he? Abeer says Evan came. Amla is shocked and asks why did you let him come here in my house. She says you are a liar, I shall not trust you and says I thought to forgive you. Abeer asks her to listen to him. Amla says they matter to you more than me and says you are still in contact with me. She says I don’t know your truth and says we were married as my family thought that they have danger to our lives from Dev. She says she wants to give him divorce.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anisha comes to meet Amla. Amla asks why did you come here, you have hidden Dev’s truth from me. Abeer covers Amla with bedsheet and goes. Amla smiles.

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