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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 15th April 2017 watch online Episode on

Evan asks Suveer to call Mama. Suveer says no. Evan asks them to surrender else. He says only Mama can save us. Suveer asks what you will tell him. Evan says if needed, I will tell him truth. He says only your Mama is the last option and he can only save us. He tells Suveer that they have to call him. Suveer calls his Mama who is a lawyer. Dev is worried for Amla and calls his home.

Pushpa and her husband return back home. She stops her husband from picking Dev. Her husband says we shall tell him the truth. Pushpa says don’t know if he could bear this or not. Her husband says he must be worried. Pushpa thinks about Dev’s pain and scolds Amla for going out at that time. Dev calls them repeatedly. Pushpa tells him that if you pick the call and tell him truth then if something happens to him. Her husband says he will ask his employer to call Dev back. Dev sits in car and goes.

Suveer tells Mama that he was drunk. Mama slaps him and says don’t you have any intelligence or not. He says if Reshan comes to know anything then he will not spare you. Evan says Mama. Mama says you are always behind company and shares and says your life is ended now. Evan asks him to tell what to do. Mama asks them to get ready to go to jail. He says what do you think that you will be spared after raping a girl. You will get rotten in jail. Suveer cries and asks him to do something. Mama asks him not to touch him.

Evan says we shall get her married to somebody and the matter will be solved. Mama tries to slap him and says what a thought. He himself is a lawyer and I don’t need here. He says if you are getting good idea then marry her or get Suveer married to her, as Mahi will not marry him. Evan asks him to stop it and says if you want to help, help us. Mama scolds them for raping the girl. Abeer says we shall surrender. Evan, Suveer and Viraj looks on.

Amla cries after getting consciousness. Mando scolds her and asks who were them? Amla cries badly. Mando taunts her. Bhao asks Amla not to cry. Psychologist comes there with Doctor and asks Mando and bhao to stay outside. Mando asks them to keep Amla. Mama says here is the big Maharathi, and tells one suggest that to get her married, other suggest surrender.

Evan says you wants us to go to jail because of that girl and asks him to keep quiet. He tells Mama that mistake is theirs, but they were under the drugs influence. Mama says crime is getting bigger and bigger and scolds them. Evan asks will you help us. Mama asks where is that girl? Evan says she is in hospital and was found by Karuna. Mama gets shocked and says she is adarsh vadi. He tells that he will do something. Evan says we can bribe her family as she is poor. Mama sees Abeer missing and asks them to take care of Abeer, and says he is like his Satyavadi sister and an emotional fool. He asks them to keep eye on him.

Some women are standing outside Amla’s ward. Mando tells Bhao that nobody forced her and that she is having an affair with someone and hiding someone sins. Bhao asks her to shut up. Mando tells him that Amla threw their respect. Amla cries.

Psychologist asks Amla not to get scared and feel bad and tells that you didn’t do any mistake. We all are with you. Mando tells that Pushpa and her family didn’t come and will break the marriage now. She says who will give her jalebi and mehendi order now. Ring falls from her Pallu. She gets it. Psychologist asks Mando not to meet Amla and lets Bhao inside.

Mando looks at the ring and recalls seeing with Mahi. Abeer comes to the hospital. Amla reminsces Dev. Bhao asks what happened? Amla calls Dev. Bhao says Dev will come and will make everything fine. Abeer comes inside the hospital and sees Police there. He hides. He comes near Amla’s ward and collides with someone. Amla sees him and reacts seeing him. She shouts. Abeer runs. Doctor gives her injection to calm her down. Abeer is devastated and cries badly.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mama comes to meet the Doctor who is treating Amla. Dev calls someone and asks about Amla. He says you will know when you come here. Mama offers to help Bhao. Mando comes to Malik’s resort. Suveer and Evan are shocked.

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