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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Episode start with Amla bring divorce paper and try to sign it . Abeer try to stop amla and tell evan is trying us to seperate and he is playing with us .i know him very well.he is playing with our brain and you are giving him to play . you are not listening for 1 minute because you had already decide all thing . what is the truth you don’t care about it .

you have only one truth that is you hate me . abeer tell amla he hadn’t not met that guys . i had never pick up the phone. abeer is telling about airport incident . he says when i am back from airport and you left home . first of all i had blame to evan. i had gone to his house and i beat him . that’s why he is here to play with us. when he rang the bell i had drag him to outside because of you . because of you hadn’t see him face . this is not the trick . i had done because of you .

Amla is crying . abeer tell amla that if you want to hurt you can , if you want hate you can but i will not leave you alone . i will not leave you with this bad boys nor i will give you divorce. if you want to anything you can do and you have no rights to made me to leave this home nor i will go.they look each other and abeer leave the room of amla.Anisha is doing makeup.she open the door of rack and see the bag. Anisha recall the past memory when she is introducing to her brother. she say herself forgive me amla.

i had hidden my truth . my life is like hell. you need help but here you get alot of trouble and pain. Tanish knock the door .amla open door . Anisha is trying to talk amla and amla said why are you here. Anisha is telling truth about her. amala tell you had hide truth about dev. why you came on my life . why ? because dev is yours.

She talk about dev and amla relation, amla stop Anisha to tell all thing and tell them they are free. amla tell Anisha go from her house. Anisha move from amla hous . amala sit on the floor. abeer came to amla. abeer is sad seeing amla in this condition. amala recall memory about abeer saying evan.. amla is trying to study. abeer is looking from window. abeer on kitchen to make cofee and look amla and smile.

abeer makes cofee and call amla as hot hot cofee. he is talking himself. he looks amla then abeer collect all books looking at amla. abeer close all light and went from room. amla open eyes and smile. At morning. Amla is adjusting sofa with talking on phone. News at tv showing about the weeding. Showing inteview mahi about suveer.Amla Runs.

Mahi at lift.amala is running at street. abeer cam to amla room and call amla .Amla is looking for auto on street. abeer is searching for amla .abeer seen tv news about weeding and think amla is seen this program ahit. Abeer runs. amla tell auto driver how much time will take .at mall mahi is interviewing about love story abour suveer and mahi. abeer is running on street and abeer take auto and think where is she gone where i will find her. at mall amala run towadrs mahi ….. saying amla …

Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer is calling for amla … amla tell why are you crying soo much.. abeer tell where have you been . amla tell abeer every time i have to tell you .abeer catch had amala and tell i had asked you something… where have you been. amla tell abeer i am not going without any reason.. i had gone for …

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