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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mando sees Karuna washing the utensils. She takes out her bag from under the bed. Anisha gives painkiller to Dev and says you will be fine. Dev asks her not to change her plan. Anisha messages someone that they have to cancel the plan. She gets the reply that client gave advance and she has to go. Anisha tells Dev that she will bring coffee. Dev sees wine bottles and drinks it. Anisha asks why he is so pained. Dev says he wants to bear the pain. Mando checks the bag of Karuna and thinks she has just clothes with her. She gets photo album and says so she is Abeer’s mum and sees his father thinks he might be surely his dad. She thinks what did his dad do that his head is missing from pic. Dev asks Anisha why she is having so much wine in her house being a girl. Anisha says this is for friends. Dev thanks her and says don’t know where I would have gone. Anisha asks Dev what happened? Dev tells that some goons barged in his lodge and beaten him. She asks him to freshen up in the guest room and says she will make food for him. Dev thanks her.

Mando brings photo album to Amla and shows Abeer’s mum pics to Amla. She says why did her mum commit suicide and says it is good that she died, if she had seen her son’s doing then would have died alive. Abeer hears her and is shocked. He comes inside and snatches the album. He asks if she don’t feel ashamed to touch other belongings. Mando asks didn’t you get shame to touch our thing and signs at Amla. Amla gets upset and goes. Mando tells that Amla wanted to know and that’s why they were seeing it. Karuna comes. Abeer tells her that they have bear her enough.

Sunny comes to Anisha’s house and asks why did she cancel the appointment. Anisha says she is unwell. Sunny slaps her and asks her not to lie again. He says I bring customers and you cancels them at the last min. Dev comes and hears him. Sunny says so he is the customer and asks how much money, did he give you for night. He beats Dev. Anisha asks Sunny to leave him and go. Sunny says I will see you out and goes.

Anisha turns to Dev. Dev asks her not to touch him and says you lied to me, I will go. I did a mistake by coming here and faints just before he was about to leave.

Mannu asks Karuna to sleep in room and says we will sleep in hall. Karuna asks Amla to sleep inside. Amla says we sleep daily there, you shall sleep tonight. Karuna says ok. Mannu tells Amla that he will sleep near the window. Later in the night, Mannu goes to loo. Abeer comes inside the house and thinks Karuna is sleeping. He calls Maaso and asks if she is awake. Amla recalls the incident and screams. Everyone gather there. Abeer says I thought Maaso is sleeping here and I came to keep milk here. Mando says where he will go if not come to you, and says this is not the first time for you.

Mando tells Karuna that Amla wanted to be with Abeer and she understood her feelings. Karuna says she slept here so that I can sleep peacefully here. Karuna asks Abeer to go from there else Amla will be in shock state. Abeer goes. Karuna says I will make tea for you. Mando asks her to make tea for her also.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev spots Abeer in the shop and goes towards him. Abeer doesn’t see him.