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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Dev brings Amla’s stuff


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Amla recalls Dev apologizing to her. Abeer comes to her and offers her tea, says he made it. It is not hot like her anger, but still good. Amla is crying and smiles hearing him. She takes the tea. Amla tells Abeer, why did Dev come and says she don’t want to see his face and don’t want him to be around, whenever he comes infront of her, she feels pain and don’t want him in her life. She says she got peace in her life with much difficulty. Abeer hears her and holds her hand pacifying her. Amla rests her head on his shoulder and cries. Abeer keeps his head on hers.

Mahi is combing her hairs. Evan says we both compliment each other well and says they shall go for a candle light dinner so that they can understand each other. He keeps her hand on his shoulder. Mahi says I understand you very well as your wish will never get fulfilled and asks him to stay away from her. Evan says he wants their marriage to look authentic and asks what did she think? Mahi asks if he remembers why they got married.

A fb is shown, Evan tells Ritu and Mahi that Rishan and Suveer did wrong with them and it is really not acceptable. Ritu says if you think I will melt down hearing you badmouthing about them then you are wrong. Evan says no and tells that he wants to help them to take revenge, and says Rishan is cheating them since years, our enemies are same, I have a plan. He asks Mahi to marry him. Mahi is shocked and asks what does he mean. Evan says contract marriage, just to show off. He says this is the best way to take revenge, Rishan and Suveer’s ego will get hurt. Our revenge will be fulfilled. Mahi asks when she shall marry him. Evan looks on. Fb ends. Mahi tells Evan that she is going for dinner and asks him to have food and sleeps.

Abeer stops the courier guy and asks him to take the stuff back. Courier guy shows the address. Dev comes and says it is my stuff. Abeer asks him to take his stuff and leave. Dev says I have no home or place to go. Abeer says this is not your house, just go. Dev says I am helpless. Abeer says I don’t trust you, if you try to get closer to Amla then I will kill you. Dev asks do you really think that I will hurt Amla and says he has been working with the people who hurt her, and now he feels hatred on self, now he has left job at Maliks. He says he has no home and this is his other family. He will be happy if his stuff comes to any use. Amla says we don’t need this stuff, asks him to take it or throw it. Mando says we will keep it and tells that we can use it. Amla says she don’t want his stuff and goes inside. Abeer asks him to pick the things and go. Dev says where I will take these stuff and asks him to give some days so that he can take it back. Mando says ok, let it be here.

Amla comes back and asks Mando why did she allow him. Mando says he is apologizing, don’t you have humanity, he shot a man for you. Abeer says you are thinking about him and not about Amla. Dev comes again and says he came to return some stuff to Amla. Mando says your favorite RD Burman. Amla looks at the CD’s and asks Dev to stop. Dev thinks I know you can’t stop yourself seeing this. Amla asks him to come, lift the box and take it back with him. She asks him to throw it, sell it or give to someone. Dev says you are refusing this, don’t you value this. Amla says no and asks him not to come again. Dev goes. Abeer follows him.

Evan asks Rishan to ask what he is thinking and not to suppress his feelings. Rishan says what to ask, nothing. Evan says stress is not good in this age, and says may be you also gets heart attack like my father in law. Everyone looks on. Evan gives him water and tells that they will come as their connections is long. Rishan asks what do you mean and says we are Maliks. Evan says yes, we are Maliks and I am Thakur Saheb’s damad. He says they are coming from Delhi. It Dept guys come and tell Rishan that IT Dept has realized his stuff and unblocked his back accounts etc. He says anyone can sign as a guarantor whose personal and financial situation is credible, on whom we can trust, you will be happy that someone from your family is ready to become guarantor. Mahi comes there. IT official says she is your guarantor and asks her to sign. Mahi signs on the papers.

Evan says I have important work and excuses himself. Abeer follows Dev. Dev calls Evan and tells him something. He throws the CD’s in the garbage. Abeer is shocked and thinks he was crying and talking big about the stuff, I am sure that you have planned something big. Amla tells Karuna that she is sure that Abeer went following Dev. Karuna calls him. Abeer rejects the call. Karuna calls Abeer. Abeer picks the call. Amla asks where did you go? Abeer says I am coming home, Amla asks did you went following Dev. Abeer looks on.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Evan meets Dev and asks what happened? Dev says Amla is not agreeing. Evan says you can’t convince that poor girl. Dev says she don’t want to listen to me, what is my mistake. Evan says your mistake is that because of you, my all plan is ruining. Abeer hears them and is shocked.

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