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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode start with amla is running towards mahi.Mahi enter into car and close the door. Amla is running . car start and amala still running. Mahi think sometime. mahi went.abeer is searching for amla on auto.Amla see the interview girl saying just wait and see the grand sangeet function on elegant hotel.amala listen the location. amala pick auto and went to home.

At home abeer is saying amala where have you been. amala says everytime i have to tell you ?abeer again ask to amla, amla says why are you asking ? i will not say all thing.abeer say ok if next time anyone pick you don’t say to me.i will not searching you full night like mad.amla say i hadn’t gone without any reason.i had gone to talk with mahi.i want to talk with mahi but i can’t find her, abeer day i know that i had seen you near mall.

amla says you are behind me why ? abeer say so what i have to do who are gone without telling anything. you are not alone to see Tv i had also watch tv. i know why you want to meet mahi. Abeer say look amla, i well know about your situation you don;t know the mallik family.they are very dangerous. if there was any trouble in suveer and mahi marrige Rishan Malik will not leave you.amala say mahi love that guy, she think she got the princess i am still paying that night. For mallik and dev everybody shut down me but you know i saw same dream on mahi eye which i had seen before.this is the reason i want meet and tell mahi.

mahi run to her room. At party … song play ladki beutiful kar gaye chull…. mahi and suveer is dancing ..evan is looking for mahi. Evan is saying a beutiful girl is marrying my brother.evan is talking about dimond ring.mahi is perfect girl for had set your life.mahi is looking for evan furosliy.evan is talking about that night.Mahi tell suveer what had happen that night so you lost ring.guys are handleing drunken evan.

suveer say lets dance mahi say i am going. suveer catches mahi tell about drunken family. mahi say what you had hidden with me . evan at room . at party mahi tell suveer i guess you can say. ok fine. suveer day evan is drunk. mahi tell suveer. too much insult i can’t take it.Just i want to go and do your net practice. Mahi say just remember one thing. i want to start new life forgetting my past life. Hope nothing will happen after marriage.

At amla home, Amla is reading, Light gone, abeer and amla is walking at darkenss , amla fall on abeer arm… song play … bolna mahi bolna… amla ask for candle.abeer leave room to get candle. abeer get candle and amla light on candle.. amla tell abeer i want to study.. abeer say you can read later first something.abeer put dinner on table.abeer say we have one guest on tonight dinner.abeer say Rd Burman Sir.. abeer play song …. chand mera dil …chadni ho tum. song play on backgroung they are eating and talking about the tution of math.abeer is saying to go and meet tution teacher tommrrow. amla say i can’t go tommrrow. i want to meet mahi. abeer say i think for you study is more important than mahi.

Amla look outside. ok Light has not gone . this is doing by abeer .amla switch on light.abeer say if anything happen to you . i will not give you to meet mallik.abeer think himself. how can i tell that what you are doing is so much dangerious. It so hard to bring smile on your face.

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amla on duppata infront of mahi, Suveer came infront of mahi and amla . Amla is dacing with suveer … Amla Falls on floor

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