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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dev wakes up and attends Pushpa’s call. He realizes that he is in Anisha’s house. Pushpa asks what happened? Dev says yes and asks her not to worry.. Pushpa asks him not to ruin his life. Dev asks her to take care and ends the call. Karuna is outside and comes to kitchen when Amla calls her. Amla says she has switched off the gas. Karuna tells that she didn’t hear her when she asked her to come, and says everyone call her with different names. She asks her to call her with some name. Amla calls her Kanu di. Dev wears his shirt and tells Anisha that he haven’t come to spend night here. Anisha asks why? As I stay here. She says I am not like Amla atleast. She says I have not betrayed you like Amla. Dev asks who told you about Amla. Anisha is silent.

Dev asks her to tell and gets angry. Anisha recalls Dev falling unconscious the last night, and says he did a mistake by coming here. He faints. Anisha looks at him and says whenever she is in trouble, he comes to save her. She thanks him and takes him to room. Dev says I will not leave her and pulls Anisha closer. Anisha sleeps on him. Dev takes Amla’s name and asks her not to leave him. Fb ends. Anisha says you were taking Amla’s name and I was thinking something else. She says I have understood that she has betrayed you for someone else. Dev says I don’t want to stay here, I will go.

Rishan asks Contract killer to sit. He asks what I have to do boss? Rishan says I do straight talk and asks him to make a goon scare Dev a lot, so that he thinks many times before seeing his house. Contract killer just to scare him. Rishan says if you think that he is a danger to my son then kill him.

Anisha packs food for Dev and asks to take the tiffin and bring the box when you come again. Dev says I will not come here. Anisha says why because I am not a respected woman. She says if I am wrong then Amla is also not right. Dev asks her not to take Amla’s name. Anisha asks him not to take revenge and says your parents are worried for you, and asks until when you will hide this from them. Dev says you will not understand. Anisha says person like me will understand better. She says nothing is more important than his own life and asks him to take care. Dev leaves.

Mannu aims slingshot on the utensils. Mando scolds him and takes him inside. Karuna says we shall get him admitted in school. Amla says Kanu di is right. Mando says he is my responsibility. Amla says he is my responsibility too. Mando asks her to take care of herself and taunts them. Karuna says she will ask Abeer to get some school forms for Mannu. Amla says they will go and bring the form.

Dev comes to the Police station and complaints about goons attacking him. Constable asks him about the witness and brings the photo. Dev comes out and goes to the Xerox shop. He stands close to Abeer, but don’t recognize him as he don’t know him. A woman standing there calls a boy as Abeer. Dev looks at the boy. Abeer takes the xeror papers and turns, collides with Dev.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Contract killer asks his goon to keep eye on Dev. Goon says you know my aim. Amla scolds Abeer for bringing the form. Abeer hears Viren talking someone else on phone that Dev is Malik’s taxi driver and asks to give him extra load. Abeer hears on his phone and is shocked.