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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

This Episode start with amla is seeing invitation card,abeer call amla and ask what happen is math hard. Give me i will teach you. abeer open math book. amala take back book and say i will read.abeer tell amala you are genious but if any help need please tell me. Amla say No i go to my room and study.Amla leave room, abeer take charger and phone and put phone on charge. He leave room.

At City, Suveer and Evan is talking, Suveer Say you have no idea what you have been talking yesterday night.You are talking about engagement night infront of mahi.Evan say i am really sorry yaar.Are you sure i have talking about this. Evan say sorry to suveer, i promise. Suveer say just forget what happen. now i will go.evan talking himself about pain.evan say sorry bro.

Abeer phone is ringing, abeer takes the call. Evan is calling for abeer and say what’s up are you.abeer call evan how dare you call me.evan tell abeer he had call for amla.evan is telling abeer make her to call. evan call abeer i will came and then see what happen.abeer is on tension and open the door, abeer seen the weeding card ,abeer run on road. abeer take auto.

Amla is on weeding and think how can i go inside. Watchmen call for party girl. Amla goes inside with party girl. Abeer is on auto and tell driver just fast down the auto.Amla is on party saying herself i will tell all thing for mahi.i will not let her waste this.amla is infront of mahi. Mallik came and talk with mahi.Amla is seeing hiddenly on mahi. Amla is talking with dancer group.mahi tell mallik to wait . Mallik retun and amla is reharseing for dance.mallik is leaving party.Amla see Mallik and hide.

Mallik attempt a call and mallik went from party.A Dancer girl is came and she is telling we are late. come fast.Amla is dancing. Song Play ….Nagada sanga Dhol Baje….Amla is dancing. Dancer girl pull mahi and mahi is also dancing.Mahi is dancing and amla slowly walk towards mahi. Amla is slightly open shwal , Suveer came between amla and mahi.Suveer try to dance with amla and amla recall for that night.Suveer dacing with amla Amla recall past memory.Amla fall down on floor, Suveer see amla faling and abeer came between them.suveer cannot see amla.

Abeer give hand to amla ans take away from party.Amla and abeer at home. Amla is sad and sit on the floor.Amla again recall about that night. Abeer try to talk with amala and tell amla look behined. Nothing happned with you.All thing will all right. Amla tell abeer nothing will be right. I am not that amla abeer. Amala cry and abeer became sad.

Precap : 

Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Goons Came and call for abeer and tell give amla to them and you are free and we are too. … abeer slowly open the door amla is hiding behined Abeer…

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