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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer and Dev collides in the shop. Dev’s ID card falls down. Abeer picks it up and says sorry. Dev says no problem and says there are so many people, what is your mistake. Contract killer asks his goon to find out about the woman (Anisha) and asks him to keep eye on Dev and kill him. Dev gets Sultan’s call. Sultan says you have forgotten me since you came to hero. Dev says Abeer him beaten and asks him not to tell Pushpa. Sultan asks him not to do anything. Dev tells that he will file Police complaint then Police will find him. Sultan says I am worried for you. Dev ends then call.

Sunny searches money in Anisha’s house and asks where she has hidden money for the night which she got from Dev. He says boss will kill us if he comes to know that you are doing business separately. Anisha says Dev is not like them and haven’t even touched her.

Amla scolds Abeer and asks why did he bring form. She asks him to stay away, tears the form and throws on his face. It is Abeer’s imagination. Karuna comes there. Abeer gives her forms and says he brought it. He asks her not to tell her that he brought forms else she will tear it. Karuna says her wound is deep and it will take time for her to come out of pain and asks him to hear her taunts till then. Karuna takes the form and also extra copies. Abeer is about to tell Karuna that he is going far from here, but stops himself.
Dev opens his bag and finds tiffin in it. He thinks Anisha kept it. He gets hungry and eats the tiffin, recalls Anisha telling that it is his favorite.

Karuna brings the forms and gives to Amla. She says she brought it. Mando says form is wrong and says she will admit her son in big school, Alek high school. Amla shows the form and says Alok high school. Mando says this is same school form and gets happy.

Rishan and Raunaq are in the meeting. Raunaq tell Rishan that Evan has cleared Pune project in a day. Rishan says they need investment for Udaipur project and shall encash the opportunity and attend someone wedding. Evan asks if Rasika will also go. Rishan says he will go with Pallavi. Suveer is sending message to Manwinder. Rishan scolds him for concentrating on the meeting. Suveer says she was just messaging Manwinder. He says if you don’t do anything then he will take over this company soon. Suveer says can you think this. Rishan says you are blinded and says nobody know better than me as I know because he is like me.

Abeer looks at Amla from his outhouse and thinks about her words. He thinks soon I shall leave from here and calls Viren, but his number is busy. He calls on the office land line number. Viren is talking to Dev’s boss and asks him to give overload work to Dev, picks land line and continues talking, says Dev is not dharmshala driver, but Malik’s driver and asks someone to send him outside for work. He then takes Landline call. Abeer asks did you give job to Dev. Viren asks him to understand and says he gave him work so that he gets busy in work and stay away from them. Abeer tells him that he don’t want to stay here anymore and asks him to make arrangements to send him out of country.

Karuna comes and asks what happened? Abeer tells her that Viren gave job to Dev in his company so that Dev don’t come near us. Karuna asks how can you be so innocent and says Viren is not keeping him away, but showing him way to reach you. Goon follows Dev. Dev understands and runs after him. Goon falls down and takes out pistol to shoot him. Dev asks who sent him and throws bag on his hand. Pistol falls down. Dev picks it up and asks him to tell Abeer that he will kill him. Goon runs from there. Dev thinks he will kill Abeer with the same pistol.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amla is grinding something in the mixer grinder and is shaken up. Abeer shouts and tries to tell her that mixer can exploded and not working properly. Mandu asks Amla to leave her hand. Amla says everything will scattered. Raghu tells Abeer that Amla is scared with the thought that everyone will leave her.