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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Episode start with amala is sad and crying. Abeer give water to amla.amla run to her room and recall again of that rape night.abeer came to door see amla and talk himself. amla i can’t see you in this pain. Abeer goes.Night Falls, Abeer switch on the light of amla room. abeer give food to amla.abeer talk himself. I can take your pain also i can’t see you like this.what can i do , what can i say so that your pain is going low.i defeat my self.

Abeer put the food on amla bed and went from room. Amla is morning abeer is thinking about yesterday night what amla is telling him.abeer talk himself amla I will not give you defeated, I will be with you in every battle.abeer goes inside at amla room.abeer tell amala, i was wrong, i had made my fear to yours. you had hersef courage and goes to fight with them. I had lost my courage,But now you have to fight and i am with you. Amla say i am not that amla.

He asks her not to let herself break and asks her to fight back. Amla says didn’t you see that I was scattered seeing him. Abeer says you will not be scattered, and says you don’t want mahi to marry him. He says I have stopped you, but now I will support you. He asks her to fight for herself and for bringing old Amla back. He says I was afraid of my fear and with Malik’s fear. He says you will fight for yourself, to save Mahi and to have justice. Amla asks but how? Abeer says we will talk to Mahi. Amla says her number.

Abeer calls at landline number of Maliks. Servant pick the call. Amla talks to him and says she wants to talk to Mahi. She says she is a reporter and wants to cover Mahi’s wedding for their newspaper, and asks for her number. Evan says I will give, but what I will get, your personal number. Amla says. He says just kidding, gives Mahi’s number and asks for her name. He says he is groom’s brother and equal partner in Malik industries, says he is Evan Malik. Amla gets scared and disconnected the call. She tells Abeer that he was Evan. Abeer asks her not to get scared and talk to Mahi. Mahi checks the necklace and says it is beautiful. Ritu likes it too. Hema says it is for Mahi and praises her.

Viren is also there. He checks the message in Mahi’s phone and calls Abeer. He asks Amla….Amla gives call to Abeer. Viren asks how dare you to call Mahi. Abeer tells that they are not scared of Maliks now and will fight for justice. He ends the call. Viren turns and sees Mahi standing. Mahi asks for her phone. Viren tells that it was reporter’s call and throws the phone on floor intentionally. He then insists to get a new phone for her and takes her phone with him.

Rishan tells Viren that this marriage shall happen in any circumstances. Viren says I have handled the matter. Rishan says evan and Amla are trying to stop the marriage. He asks Bablu singh to handle Amla and Abeer and asks Viren not to let Suveer know about this. Bablu says he will show what he is to them and goes. Viren asks Rishan to concentrate on marriage and says he will handle everything.

Mahi tells Abeer that lawyer Viren is very cunning and will try to stop us. Abeer says we will go to marriage. Amla asks how? Abeer says groom’s brother have invited us, we have invitation card with us. Amla asks how we will go inside. Abeer says we will go with baraatis and asks for her support, forwarding his hand. Amla gives her hand in his hand. They hear jeep coming there. Bablu Singh and his goons come.

Abeer sees goons coming towards the house. Amla and Abeer lock the door and windows. They break the window glass and the things outside the house. Abeer asks Amla do you trust me? He asks I am asking something. Amla says I trust you. Bablu says we came to give sweets to you, and says we have no panga with you, you are Malik’s friend and asks him to handover Amla to them. Abeer says I am coming. Bablu laughs and says he is scared. He opens the door. Amla and Abeer holds each other hand. He looks angrily.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer tells Bablu Singh that Maliks are scared of a girl and sent 4 goons to take her. Bablu Singh says you can’t protect her. Abeer leaves Amla’s hand and asks goons to take Amla. Goon walks towards Amla. Amla is scared.

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