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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Hitesh Bhai tells that he knows Negi Bhai and Abeer’s Maaso is related to him. He says they are nice people. Owner says you can stay in my house, I heard that your budget is low, but it is ok. He tells that the property is in dispute and asks them to give rent in cash and says we will not make agreement. He asks him to get the house cleaned as it is old. Mando says Amla will clean the house and will keep it decorated. She says Amla had the dream of decorated house. She asks Hitesh Bhai about the food price. Hitesh Bhai says you have food, Abeer is our son. Mando says then we are your samdhi and asks them to order food. Hitesh Bhai asks waiter to bring food. She asks if we will go and see house after food. Owner says you are interesting. Mando thanks her.

She thanks Dev for saving her and says I found you who have same thing as me. Annie says we are same kind of bird then why you are angry. Dev says bird. She says it is a proverb. She says we, the girls think that we can handle every situation, but when we are trapped, we need a friend. She calls herself as Manisha/Isha. Dev says he was calling you Annie. She introduces herself and tries to guess his name. She says your face is like Devdas and asks if his name is…..

Dev says Dev. She says her guess was almost close. Owner shows the house. Abeer says ok. Mando says hotel is best than this house and asks Raghu to see other house. She says even sea is not here. She says how we all will stay in this house. Owner says this fits in your budget and it is palace for Mumbai people. He says if you don’t want then I will give home to others. Abeer says I will give you money and pays money. Owner goes. Bhao tells Mando that this house is ok. Mannu shows flower petals to Amla. Amla smells it and thanks Mannu. Abeer looks at her. Amla gives an angry look and goes. Mando asks Abeer why did he give rent. Abeer says everyone stay here like this and says we will make this house good. Mando says much money will be s pend. Raghu says I will help. Mando asks where your Maaso will stay. There are two rooms. She says I will stay with my man, and you have to stay with your man. Amla says Parjaiyi. Abeer tells that he will stay in the storeroom outside the house and says we will adjust. Mando says adjust. He says he will go and bring Karuna.

Dev looks at her. Annie asks did you like me. He looks at her wound. She says what do you think if I fell down or have another story. He gets a call, but rejects it. She gets Sunny’s call and tells that what she would have done, and says you don’t know what that man did with me and says you can’t understand how am I feeling? She asks Sunny not to send her to such people and don’t tell him where is she? She says he followed me till the bus stop. She wipes her tears. Dev sees marks on her hand again.

Abeer comes to pick Karuna. Karuna is emotional seeing him. Abeer touches her feet and hugs her crying. Karuna cries. He apologizes for coming late. Karuna says lets have tea before going. Karuna agrees.

Dev thinks about Amla and recalls proposing her while he is asleep. Archie wakes up and says sorry as she rests on his shoulder. He asks her to stay on her side. She says yes. Dev sleeps again. Archie also sleeps. Bus arrives in Mumbai.

Mando tells Raghu and Amla that this houses are like this in Mumbai as she watches homes on Tv. Her phone rings. She says it is Pushpa’s call. Pushpa taunts her and tells that Dev is coming to Mumbai following Amla.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Karuna asks about Amla. Abeer says I am scared of Amla’s eyes and says she spits poison. Amla tells Mando that Dev wants to kill her then and now also.


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