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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Updates of Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka

Abeer and Amla comes back home. Karuna sees Amla shattered. Abeer asks her to let Amla be alone for sometime. Mando asks Abeer if he went to meet Dev. Abeer tells Karuna that Evan came to meet Dev there, and says they are together. Mando says they were enemies before, now they are planning to attack you both. Abeer says Evan shot at him, and threatened to keep quiet. Mando asks them to be tight lipped and asks them not to tell anything to anyone. Abeer recalls all the happening, how Viren and Mando suffocated her voice etc. She thinks what I was doing, I was not alive till now, I am dead and is leaving in fear. They are not letting us live peacefully. I thought I have left my past, but it will not leave me until I tear it apart, she thinks to face the truth and go through the pain, she decides to go to court. She tells Karuna and Abeer that she will face the truth and get the guilty punished. Mando is shocked.

Rishan comes to have food. Before he could sit, Mahi sits on his chair and asks what is the menu. She asks Rishan to sit. Rishan says I just need juice. He signs Viren. Viren gives her cheque book. Rishan asks her to sign on the cheque, as he needs 50 lakhs cash. Mahi says it is a bad habit, let office work be in office. Rishan says you don’t need to come to office. Mahi says 50 Lakhs is not a small amount and says we will go office together. Rishan asks her to eat and he goes.

Mando scolds Amla for taking a decision against Maliks and says they will burn us. Amla says she will file case and will tell truth to everyone. Mando says Police will not believe you. Amla says Mahi trusted me. Mando says she is rich, but police will not believe. Amla says she will fight even if nobody supports her and goes. Karuna asks mando why she is stopping her. Mando says Police will not believe. Karuna says she will trust Amla. Mando gets scared and recalls finding the Suveer’s engagement ring near the pond, and also taking money from Viren to keep Amla’s mouth shut, lying to Police about Amla etc.

Mahi comes to office and sits on Rishan’s chair. She asks him about 50 lakhs cheque. Rishan says he needs to talk to her about something important and says he understands her anger, but why you believed on that ordinary girl and thought she is saying truth. Mahi asks him to tell truth then. Rishan says that girl lied to you and making stories. Mahi says she didn’t lie and tells that the day you accepts that Suveer was involved in rape and you both had tried to ruin my life knowing this, that day I will think why I am doing this. She asks him to talk to her if there is something important. Evan comes and asks Rishan if Mahi refused to sign on the cheque. Rishan gets angry on him, says you are flying high, don’t forget that whoever digs grave for others, have to rest in that one day. Evan says you have dig grave for me and fall in that. He says I can’t help you, but Mahi can, after all she has the power. He says he will talk to her being her husband and goes. Rishan fumes.

Abeer comes to Amla, holds her hand and asks her not to think, just do it. He says I am with you. Amla says she wants to fight, without worrying about the outcome. She says she can’t back off. Abeer nods his head.

Evan goes to Mahi and says we have to hit Rishan at the point where he gets most affected. He gives Rishan’s bills to Mahi and asks her to reject all this. Mahi asks him to decide. Evan says it is my pleasure and says you love my choice. He cancels payment for Suveer’s sport car and his watch. Evan thinks she has fulfilled one duty of a wife and one day she will become his wife fully. Mahi signs on the papers, and thinks she is more stupid and immature than she thought, and tells that she can focus on her main mission.

Abeer asks Amla what she is thinking? Amla says she is gathering strength for tomorrow, says it will be important day of her life, all those questions will be asked, which she wanted to forget, will be taunted and many fingers might raise on her, she might feel ashamed but she has to remember that she has to face them and make her head high. Abeer says if someone wants to support you, where he needs to give application. Amla smiles and recalls Abeer asking her to start walking and he is behind her, candle incident, umbrella, computer centre, Abeer protecting her from goons and giving her strength to stop Mahi and Suveer’s marriage. Fb ends. Amla says if you hadn’t give me courage then I would had done that and fight this war. You are my strength and courage too. I am fighting this war for justice because of you, you don’t need to give application, I know you will be with me always. She rests her head on his shoulder. Abeer smiles.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahi comes to meet Amla and Abeer and tells that Maliks have power and money, even Police will think twice to go against them. She says if we have strong evidence then Police will write complaint against them. Abeer says we have no evidence. Mahi says I will bring evidence and make them speak that they are guilty.

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