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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer opens the door. Amla stands behind him. They hold each other hands. Abeer asks Bablu to leave and says we haven’t done anything. Bablu says we came to take the girl. Abeer says I have seen you in Malik’s office, they have kept goons in office. Bablu Singh says you can’t save the girl. Abeer leaves Amla’s hand and asks Bablu to take her. Bablu smiles

At Mahi and Suveer marriage function, Guests come and greets Manvender and Ritu. They ask about Mahi. Ritu says she is inside, getting ready. The girls tease Mahi and asks her to keep Suveer safely from girls. Mahi says she knows her Suveer, he is just mine. They laugh.

Goon walks towards Amla. Abeer hits him. He walks towards Bablu and says you didn’t hear me fully. I didn’t let you take her. She is my wife. If anyone touches Amla then I will not leave them. Bablu asks goons to beat him. Goon hit him with hockey stick. Amla shouts Abeer. Abeer beats the goons. Amla pulls a goon’s hairs. He pushes her and she falls on the door.

The fight continues. The goon beats Abeer now. Amla shouts Abeer. Bablu Singh takes out a sharp killer knife and walks towards Amla. He holds her at knife point. Amla shouts Abeer.

Manvender tells his guest that they are relatives of a big lawyer now and takes him to introduce him to Viren. Bablu is taking Amla with him, when Abeer holds his leg and makes him fall down. He beats Bablu and holds Bablu at knife point. He asks Amla to go and sit in the jeep. He locks the goons inside the house and runs out. He gets into the jeep and drives it. Bablu Singh and his goons open the door. Shinde talks to Viren. Rishan asks him not to worry and asks him to tell about the case. Viren gets Bablu’s call and he goes to attend the call ignoring Shinde. Manvender gets angry. Rishan apologizes.

Amla and Abeer are in the jeep. Amla recalls Abeer telling goons that Amla is his wife, and he can’t let them touch her. He asks are you fine? Amla says yes and asks where are we going? Abeer says we will be going to Mahi’s wedding. He says Malik have sent dangerous goons, and we will take advantage of their fear. He says you will meet Mahi, you will be scared, but let your fear revealed. He says I am with you and the truth will increase your strength. He says we have to do arrangements for going into big function.

Viren picks the call. Bablu Singh tells him that Abeer and Amla ran in their jeep. Viren asks them to take taxi and come. Rishan comes to him and says Manvender is asking about you. Viren tells them that Abeer and Amla escaped. Rishan understands that they might come here. Viren says how to stop them, Abeer has fooled Bablu Singh and his goons. He realizes something and says he will come. Manvender sees Viren and Rishan talking and asks why he insulted guest. Viren says some important work is stuck and apologizes. Pallavi says where you are going? Viren says I am going for work. Manvender asks Rishan what is that important work. Rishan says nobody asks me or tell me anything.

Amla and Abeer are stuck in traffic. Amla says marriage mahurat will start. Viren comes to Dev. Dev says I was about to come to office. Viren says I came for your betterment, and reminds him why did he come to Mumbai. He says today you will get him. Dev asks who? Viren says Abeer. He says Abeer called me and threatened to kill me, he came to know that I hired you on job. He says he threatened to cut my neck and asks him not to go to office and stay at home.

Suveer’s friend tells him that Mahi is beautiful and her dad is having connections. Suveer says he is marrying her as he loves her. Evan asks him not to marry and run away to the hot girls. Viraj says here comes Mahi. Mahi comes. Evan says she is beautiful.

Dev asks Viren why did Abeer call you and said that he is coming. Viren says he attacked you in the hotel and plays the recording in which Abeer tells that they are not afraid of them. Dev says I will not leave them. Suveer says it is Minister’s daughter wedding and there will be many people. He says they have to pass through garden road and asks him to kill them in an isolated place. He instigates Dev against Abeer and asks him not to think and kill Abeer. He says Abeer roams with your to be wife openly without any guilt. He says I am a lawyer and knows to find way. Dev says until I kill him, I won’t be at peace. Viren says he will be in read jeep and tells the jeep number.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev sees Amla and Abeer in jeep, loads gun and aims towards them.

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