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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mannu tells Amla that Mangoes are good and have different names. Amla says their mango shake will be good today. She adds Mango and milk in the mixer. Mannu is licking the mango seed. Amla asks him to wait till she makes milk shake and asks him to go and wash his face. She starts mixer. Abeer sees her hand shaking holding mixer and tells her that mixer is not proper and asks her to switch it off else it will burst. Mannu asks Amla to move her hand. Amla says if I move my hand it all milk shake will fall down. Abeer runs inside the kitchen and moves Amla to safety, as the mango milk shake falls on Abeer’s back and on Mannu’s face. Mannu says wah what a mango shake, and says it is tasty without sugar. He says it is good that you have saved Bua, else this special mango shake haven’t fallen on me. Abeer smiles. Amla asks Mannu to come.

Rishan asks Suveer to go to Manwinder and convince him to get you and Mahi soon, and don’t return until he is agrees. Rasika comes and tells that she needs to talk to him. Rishan says not now as he is going for some meeting. Mahi calls Suveer and tells him that she met Pallavi and they went for shopping. Suveer says I am sure your choices are matching. Pallavi says much. Mahi asks him to come for lunch as they are going. Suveer says he will inform her.

Amla gives bath to Mannu. Karuna comes. Mannu asks Amla if they have one more old mixer and tells Karuna that Abeer saved Amla. Karuna comes to Abeer and sees him repairing the mixer. She asks what is the matter? Abeer tells her that Amla ignored his saying and made milk shake in the grinder, but she being stubborn, didn’t listen. He says milk shake fell down on his shirt and gives it to Karuna. Karuna asks Abeer to keep trying so that Amla’s hatred ends. Abeer says she hates if I try to talk to her, and says he just wants to go from here. Karuna says we haven’t taught you to run from your responsibilities. Abeer nods.

Pallavi asks Mahi from where she will shop for her wedding dress. Mahi says she is thinking to visit London and says she wants to look best that day. Pallavi says you will. Mahi thanks her and says I feel so lucky and says all good things come to her like Suveer. She says when that thing was written in the newspaper, I was very disturbed. Now I am sure that he will not hurt me, and says sorry to Pallavi. Pallavi says its alright.

Contractor comes to Viren and tells him that Rishan ordered to kill Dev, but Dev got the gun now. Viren is shocked and asks why didn’t you tell me. He says why didn’t you tell me and asks about the money which he got from Rishan. He says 5 boxes. Viren asks him to give that 5 boxes money to him and he will save him from Rishan’s anger, and asks him not to take anyone else orders. He then thinks he has to do something to Rishan before Dev.

Darshan tells Divya that he is going to party in the evening. She says she knows where he goes. Darshan asks her to tie the button as he takes it out intentionally. Divya stitches his button. Viraj thinks everyone is normal, only I am affected and goes. Darshan holds her and asks until when she will be angry. Divya says she is silent because of her good values. Darshan thinks now see what I can do.

Karuna tells Amla that Abeer have done course from the institute and says she got all things repaired by him. Amla silently listens. Karuna hopes Amla forgives Abeer once. Abeer and Raghu are reparing asbestos outside. Raghu tells about Amla’s childhood incident. Abeer smiles. He acts as a bird and is about to fall down. Abeer holds him. Raghu tells about her likes, and says since our parents die, she used to get scared and asked me if I will leave her. He says I love Amla very much and says whoever loves his family will never leave them. Abeer gets sad. Raghu says she used to be happy and jovial, but now she has forgotten to smile.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghu tells that Abeer is going to make something for them. Mando is surprised. Amla looks on sad. Dev is walking on the road holding gun in his hand. Abeer is also walking on the road and is tensed.

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