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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer and Amla comes to the police station. Abeer asks Amla not to think and says every difficult journey starts with a step, walk with courage, I am with you. They come inside. Inspector asks them to sit. He asks what report they want to file. Amla says rape. Inspector is surprised and asks what? Amla says she wants to file case for rape. He asks who is the victim. Amla says it happened with her. He asks about her name. Amla says Amla Abeer Anand. Inspector says when did it happen. Amla says 6 months back. Abeer asks if he has any problem. Inspector says they will search for evidence and says you have come here with courage. He asks where did it happen. Amla says Dharmshala, a place in himachal Pradesh. Inspector says this case is of other city, and can do just zero FIR and can shift the case to Dharmshala. He assures his support and asks about the names of the guilty people. Amla says Suveer Malik, Evan Malik and Viraj Mehra.

Inspector gets tensed knowing about Malik’s involvement and asks them to forget about getting justice. Abeer says how can you say this and asks him to file the complaint. Inspector says he has seen many cases like this before and asks them to leave. Amla says if you are scared of Maliks wearing police uniform then we are really wasting our time talking to you. You can’t do anything, just sit and do Malik’s work. I can get justice for myself and asks Abeer to come. Abeer asks Amla why did she bring him back and says Inspector refused to file the complaint. Amla says Police refused to write our report, I understood that he is right, if we file case without any proofs then we will lose and will choose chance too. She says we can’t waste our life and don’t have money to fight the case. Abeer asks her to sit and says we have to fight, I can spend my life to get justice for you. Amla says even I want justice. She says she came from there as she understood that they need proofs. She says she needs a person who knows about court, law etc. Abeer says we don’t know anyone here. Amla takes Mahi’s name. Abeer looks on.

Dev tells Anisha that he thought to take revenge from Abeer through Evan, but the plan backfired and I got insulted. Amla taunted me and went holding Abeer’s hand. He says did anyone think about me. He says I was betrayed big, and that’s why got angry. I had taken a decision in anger, but Amla would have thought and took decision calmly. He says he did a small mistake, but Amla scolded him. Anisha hears him and says whatever you have done is not a mistake, but a sin for which you shall not get forgiveness. Dev says you are saying this. Anisha says yes, and tells that she knows that he is selfish, angry and was hurt, but good at heart, now she realized that she was wrong. She says the person will never think of hurting his lover. She says she is feeling ashamed to call him as her friend, and says I don’t trust myself now for trusting you. Dev recalls Amla’s words that he has raped her trust.

Mahi comes to meet Amla and Abeer. She says I am not surprised that Police refused to help you. She says Maliks have power and money, Police will think twice before going against them. If we have solid evidence then Police will have no option then to file the report. Abeer says we have no evidence. Mahi says she will bring the evidence. She says she will make those three accept their crime that they are guilty. She gets up and says I want to tell you both something. She says may be you will not understand why did I do this, but you shall know. She says she got married to Evan, and says she has a reason behind it. Amla and Abeer are shocked.

Mahi says Amla and her mission is same, revenge from Maliks. She says because of them, my dad is in coma and had to bear humiliation. I have no happiness in my life. She says to take revenge from them, to expose them, to humiliate them, she has to become their family member. She says I know why they cheated me, and says they tried to hide the crime and you are victim of that crime. She says until you get justice, I can’t get justice and I will help you get that. I have to stay close to that family, to keep the enemies closer. She says she got married to Evan, but it is a contract marriage. She says Evan is totally under her control, and will try to make him confess the crime. She asks them to talk to lawyer who will file the case.. Abeer says we don’t know any lawyer.

Mahi says she knows a lawyer and gives his number to Abeer. Amla is teary eyes and comes near Mahi. Mahi asks why you are crying, we will fight that case and will win too. Amla says not because of that, I got emotional hearing you risked your life for me. She says if anything wrong happens with you, as marriage is fake, but that devil is real. Mahi says sometimes we have to fight with these kinds of humans, we will fight the case and win too. Don’t worry about me, I will be alright and asks her to take care. She asks Abeer and Amla to meet lawyer today and goes.

Rishan tells Suveer that you are worried for your watch payment, and says his three cars EMI’s payment is rejected. He says you know naa who has rejected the payment. Suveer says Mahi, she is taking on us. Viren says this is the limit, we have to do something with this girl. Suveer throws the glass and says that girl made our life hell. Mahi comes and says you really don’t value about money and asks him to learn from Rishan and Viren.

Amla and Abeer come to meet the lawyer and says Police refused to file the case. Lawyer says they can file case directly to magistrate, under section 163. He says Magistrate will force Police to file the case. He says Mahi told me that the case is important for you and asks Amla to tell whatever happened that night. Amla says she came out of house at 5 am, and was going to meet her fiancé to give him medicine. She took the way near the pond, they were there, surrounded me, ran after me, teased me. I cried and asked them to leave me, but they raped me one by one, and left there itself. She cries. Lawyer says I can understand how you must be feeling, and says if you don’t back off then I will also not back off. He says you can ask Mahi about me. He asks case can be weak without proofs and asks her to tell if she knows about the person who is bought by money. He says you shall be ready as your pain will increased much before ending. He says if he gets an eye witness or proofs then….Amla looks on. Abeer thinks I am eye witness and will make Amla get justice.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer tells Amla that even he did the crime by not stopping them. Amla keeps hand on his mouth. Abeer says if you don’t tell the entire truth then you will lose the case. Amla says she will lose the case if she don’t tell about him, but if she takes his name then she might lose precious thing of her life and looks at him.

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