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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Anisha calls Dev and tells that she found Amla. Just then phone slips from Dev’s hand and falls down. Anisha’s dupatta catches fire. She gets shocked and sets off the fire. Dev stops the car, gets his phone and calls Anisha. Anisha thinks what she was going to do. She picks his call.. Dev asks what you were saying and tells that phone fell down from his hand. Anisha says she liked the dress. Dev smiles and tells that you didn’t see or compliment me as I have worn clothes. Anisha says car and suit both will look with him. He asks about Amla. She says she couldn’t find till now and ends the call. Dev sees the features in the car and thinks Maliks are very rich. He then happens to see Abeer and Amla’s pics in Suveer’s engagement. He thinks why did you go that night Amla and met Abeer, gets angry. Rishan gives money and Amla’s pic to Bablu Singh and asks him to find her. Bablu says his sight is like CCTV in Mumbai. Viren asks Rishan to rethink and tells that let Amla be lost, nobody is bothering to ask us about her. May be it is good for us that she left from here. Just then Abeer comes there. Rishan is shocked and stands up, looks at Amla’s pic.

Evan thinks of Rishan’s words and gets scared of Dev. Servant comes and tells him that his driver came. Evan says ok. Rishan keeps file on Amla’s pic and money and asks Abeer why did you come here, nobodu can come here just like that. Abeer asks him to shut up and says he really don’t dare how big he is and asks him to tell silently where is Amla He tries to grab Viren’s collar. Bablu holds him. Abeer holds Viren’s collar and asks where is Dev. Bablu tries to take out gun. Viren stops him and takes Abeer with him. Abeer threatens to kill Rishan if Amla is not found.

Dev stops the car and asks Evan to get out of car. Evan asks what is happening, what we are doing here. Dev says he needs answers for some answers, and asks what happened with Amla last night. Evan is shocked. Dev asks him to tell else he will shoot. It turns out to Evan’s imagination. He opens his eyes and sees Dev stopping the car and signing him to get down. Evan gets down the car and asks what we are doing here? Dev says I need answers for my questions. Evan asks what? Dev asks why you have done a big favor on me, gave me suit, money etc. What did you see in me. Evan says you have that hunger to reach to the top. Dev says I can’t forget whatever you have done for me, I haven’t seen these dreams, and can work hard. He says he is best at the front seat. Evan asks him about his life partner. Dev gets emotional thinking about Amla. Evan asks him to share with him. Dev says there is nobody. Evan sits in car and goes.

Viren tells Abeer that why did they will kidnap Amla and keep her here. Abeer asks him to give Dev’s address. Viren says if Dev sees you then he will kill you. Abeer says it is not easy to kill me. Viren says one will die and one will go to jail, it is one or same. Just then he gets Evan’s message and shows to Abeer. Abeer reads his message that Amla is not with Dev. Abeer asks how do Evan know? Viren says Evan has enquired and has hired Dev as his personal driver. He says Evan knows how to handle his enemies and asks him to go home.

Amla in sleep recalls Abeer telling that he loves her. She opens the door. Sunny comes inside and asks if she is alone. Anisha says why she will be alone and tells that she is with her. Amla says she checked from eye ball and opened the door. Anisha asks why did you come now. Sunny says he came for Amla and tells that she looks like a kali and he will get good money. Anisha asks him to keep quiet and says she is not like that. Sunny says previously you were also not like her but I made you this. Amla brings tea. Anisha says she has to talk to Sunny. Amla goes. Anisha asks Sunny not to stare Amla and asks him to go else she will ruin night program and then he has to return client’s money. Sunny says Amla is like Malai and he will get double money for her. He thinks to see Anisha later. Police keeps Amla’s pic in the police station and begins search. Abeer gets missing posters made and pastes her pics around the city. Bablu singh’s men also search her everywhere.

In the night, Raghu worries about Amla. Abeer says she will be found. Karuna says don’t know where did she go, she don’t know anybody in the city. Abeer realizes Amla must be with Anisha and tells that he knows where is she?


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer meets a pr*stitute while searching Anisha. She says she is not Isha(Anisha had told Amla and others that she is Isha) but Annie, who used to work with her. Abeer gets shocked. Later Abeer calls on Anisha’s phone. Amla picks it and tells that she heard everything, whatever he told Karuna and asks how dare you to love me.. Abeer looks on tensed.

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