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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mannu tells Mando that Bua was not coming and he brought her forcefully here. Mando tells her that Karuna cooked tasty food and asks her to eat. Amla says she is not hungry. Mando tells her that Karuna will not cook food and I have to make. Mando scolds Amla and tells that Abeer will leave you if you continues this behavior. Karuna asks Amla to have food and tells that she can’t think of apologizing for Abeer’s sin, and asks her to think cook had made the food. Amla says I can’t have food. Mando asks her to sit quietly and eat. Amla tells Mando that she is getting vomiting and goes. Mando says don’t know what happened to her.

Rishan asks Evan what happened? Evan comes inside and says good morning to Rasika. He asks Rishan, how are you? Rishan asks what the hell do you think you are doing? Evan keeps some file there and asks what did I do. Rishan sends Rasika out. He asks Evan to be in limits. Evan asks limits and asks him to decide his limit first. He says before threatening me, you shall remember what is your Lakshman rekha. He says what you can do, even I can do., just like chacha, same as bhatija. He asks what you will do, complain to Police that I have raped a girl. He asks what will happen to Suveer. I will get jail maximum, but your business will be ruined. He asks her not to press nuclear button and says enemy dies, but you will also not be saved.

Raunaq comes. Evan says Chacha is so sweet, he gave me one more day for Udaipur project so that I can do better. Viraj recalls raping Amla in his dream and gets up scared. Divya asks him to be relax.

Viren tell Evan that girl, her family and you people are all quiet, its good. He says if anyone gets weak then it will be problematic. He says Viraj is an emotional fool and says they can do big damage. Evan says Viraj is weak, but not mad to expose himself. He says I will keep an eye on him. Viren says he might tell anything to anyone. Evan says what he will tell to his mom and says he irritates me. Viren asks him to bear him and says we are facing this because of your excitement. Evan says you stays with Chachu more and is getting spoiled. He leaves.

Viren thinks they got free fund Mama, everyone is after me. He thinks she will have advantage in the long run. He gets Abeer’s call. Abeer says I want to meet you today. Viren says I am at your service and says he is busy. Abeer says I will come to your office. Viren says no. Abeer asks him to meet at 5 pm and ends the call.

Abeer shows Dev’s audio recording to Viren. Viren says you called me here to make me hear this and is about to go. Abeer asks him to sit and asks how did he get my number. Viren says if you are a VIP that he can’t get your number, and realizes that Dev has stolen his number from his number. He tells Abeer that Dev has stolen his number. Abeer says you have to keep him far from Amla and you couldn’t handle him. Viren says I have much work and goons don’t come daily to me. Abeer says even me. When he came to you, you didn’t come. Viren says I will send him back in 2-4 days and asks him not to worry.

Abeer says I don’t want to stay in this city, country and says he wants to go out. He asks him to make his passport and visa papers ready. Viren asks passport, if you want to have honeymoon with Amla. Abeer says you said that you will send me once the matters resolves and you will handle our problems. He says I have ruined my life on your saying and you are doing this. Viren asks him not to be senti. Abeer says Amla don’t want to stay with me and even I can stay with her and see her face. Viren says if she goes to Police.

Abeer says Amla will not go and will move on slowly. He says Mando is there to handle Amla and asks him to give money from time to time. Viren says ok and asks him to give 15 days time to make passport and asks him to manage. Abeer says I will courier you my papers. Viren asks him to give address. Abeer says Dev will reach my home then. Viren says if I am here to send Dev to your house. Abeer says you have done much hardwork to settle us here and asks him to keep his phone in his pocket. Viren gets angry. Abeer leaves.

Karuna calls Abeer and tells that his phone is switched off. Mando gets worried. Karuna says he went to change his number. Mando asks her to keep her things. She asks Karuna if Abeer is her sister’s son. Karuna says Abeer is her friend’s son. Mando says you have brought him up even though you have no blood relation with him. Karuna says Abeer Maayi was my best friend. After his mother’s death, his father went to London. Mando asks if she had accident. Karuna says no, and says she had committed suicide.

Mando feels pity on her and asks how did this happen. Amla asks what you have to do. Mando says don’t you want to know about your Lada. She says you are brought up in someone’s house and even Abeer. Amla says I am brought up in my brother’s house and goes. Dev gets down the auto and sees Suveer going in car. He says Suveer Malik and recalls reading his name in the newspaper.


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