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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Today’s Episode start with Amala saying dev you had worry about your honour. Dev said What are you saying laadi ?.. amala said i am not your ladi.Amla tells Dev when she needed him the most, he was worried for his respect. Dev says what you are saying laadi. Amla says I am not your laadi now. She says if you had courage to listen to truth, you would have listened then, you have tied lie with your neck and convince yourself. She says if you had loved me then you would have tried to enquire what happened to Amla, why did she leave everything, but no…you was worried about Pind and not about me. When you returned then also you were talking about your pain. She says whatever happened was with me. You had hidden your face and gone. She says my respect was not only gone, but my soul was shattered too. You just remembered your respect and ego, I am not a thing, that night my respect, soul and body were attacked and not your respect.

Dev says pind people said that you have ……

Amla says you used to love me, you would have asked me…She says she used to think that her Dev will come and will get justice for her. Raghu says why did you come. Dev says I love her. Amla says which love and says you had burnt our dreams, home, hopes etc. She says you had given me death sentences. Mando asks Amla to back off and says he might be having gun.

Abeer comes there and calls Dev. He comes and stands infront of him. Dev and Abeer looks at each other. Abeer asks Dev to leave. Dev says you were scolding me, and asks why did you marry him when there was nothing between you both. Amla says why you are asking? She says you left me. He held my hand and took care of me. He didn’t run away, he can hear the truth and have the courage to accept it. He is not coward like you. Dev says Abeer is with those guys and would have done same thing which they did with you if not being unconscious.

Abeer says you works with them, but I don’t. Dev says I was not aware of the truth, but when I came to know about it. I shot that Evan and came to know about one more thing that Abeer started it all and if he had not started then that incident wouldn’t have happened. He says you have started everything, I will end all. He takes out gun and aims at Abeer. He holds Amla’s hand, and says now I know the truth, we will go somewhere and start afresh. I will do whatever you says. Amla brushes off his hands and steps infront of Abeer.

Dev says Amla. Amla says with which right you are telling. She says your didn’t come to support me here, your love test was done and you failed miserably. She says you have much anger in you and asks where was your anger when Maliks was suppressing my voice and Police made me quiet, when they have turned the case. They made stories and maligned my image, and sent me here. She says you had burnt our house, and was worried that I have become dirty. She says this is truth, my respect was attacked, and I got insulted, and not those people. She says you never thought about me and left me. Abeer held my hand, bear my anger and hatred, he could have gone if he wanted and run away from his responsibility and everything, but he didn’t go, the support which I hope to get from you, I got it from him. Dev says you are rejecting me for him, if I don’t get you then I won’t let Abeer get you. He aims gun at Abeer and asks Amla to move.

Amla holds the gun and aims at her, asking him to shoot. She asks him to kill her, once left her to die. Dev puts the gun down and says I never thought that you will changed so much and is supporting a guy who tried to rape you. He says I have ruined my life and loved wrong person. Amla asks if he wants to tell something more and asks him to either to kill her or leave. Dev says Abeer has provoked you against me, I will never forgive you for insulting my love. He leaves. Mando scolds Amla for holding his gun and talking to him. Raghu says he shall never be back.

Dev recalls Amla’s words that Abeer is courageous and not a coward like you. Karuna brings tea for Amla and asks her to drink it. Amla asks if I ever feel good. Karuna says you didn’t tell me anything till now. You didn’t tell and Abeer was also silent. Today my soul is shaken up hearing the truth. Amla says I used to think when Dev will come, I will tell him this or that, hug him, fight with him, cry hugging his shoulder. She says everyone said that Dev wants to kill me, I was ready to get killed by him. She says she didn’t know what she has for Dev in her heart, when he came infront of her, she felt that there is nothing in her heart now and remembered how he left her. Karuna says everything will be fine. Dev walks on the road in trance. Police comes and takes Dev in the jeep. Corrupt Inspector sees his pic.

Abeer sends Mannu to room. Mannu asks her to promise to do something. Amla asks what promise? Mannu asks her to smile and asks her to cheer up. Amla asks who told you. Mannu says Phupha ji. Abeer says I thought your mood…Amla says I don’t want anyone’s favour, I can cheer up myself. Abeer looks on.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer asks Amla if her old memories returned with Dev and hatred for him (abeer). Amla asks him not to bring Dev in between and says my heart asks me again and again, if you were in your senses, would you have done the same thing. Abeer is shocked. Police brings Dev to some factory and push him. Rishan and Viren come there. Dev looks at them.

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