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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer tells Raghu that they shall make Dhaam for the dinner. Raghu says Amla likes it. Mando tells that she don’t understand why there are many questions in form and asks Amla to check it. Karuna asks her to ask her if needs any help. She sees Abeer and tells that she is going to Dharmshala to make boundary wall around their land. Abeer says I will go and get it done. Karuna says I can manage. Mannu tries to cheer up Amla. Raghu asks Karuna not to go and says if you go then Amla will be alone even though we are with her. Mando says she will return and not going for forever. Raghu tells everyone that Abeer will make Dhaam in the evening. Mando gets happy and says she will make place in her stomach for dhaam.

Abeer is making Dhaam and looks at Amla. He smiles and recalls seeing her for the first time. Amla sees him and recalls the incident. Raghu gives dhaam to Amla. Amla throws the plate and says I don’t want to eat anything made by him. Mando scolds her for insulting her husband. She says only mad man will refuse. Raghu says this is made by me. Abeer’s dhaam is still cooking. Raghu tells Abeer that he said right that Amla will not eat dhaam made by her. Abeer looks sad. Mando scolds Amla and asks her to eat it. Raghu says I have made this. Amla takes the plate and goes inside. Mando asks Abeer not tob bear her tantrums and scold her. Abeer says food is ready and asks them to eat. Karuna says Abeer have to get close to Amla with love and not with force.

Dev comes to the lodge and tells that he wants witness to file police complaint. The owner of the lodge and others refuse to help Dev and become witness. Dev leaves.

Viren comes to Rishan and says he is quitting the job. Rishan asks if he is drunk. Viren says this is not a joke. Rishan says I made you partner and I trust you. Viren says when I take care of my responsibilities well and saves you from all problems then why do you interfere. He asks why did you send goon after Dev. Rishan says Dev was after us, I had to do something to him. Viren says you gave gun in his hand. He says Bablu Singh’s gun is with him now. He will kill us. Even I could get him killed, but I want to make him our loyal. Rishan asks him to do something. Viren says he will see what to do, as Dev have become mad now.

Abeer is walking on road thinking about Amla’s words and is about to hit by a car, but gets saved. Mando talks to her friend and comes to know that Dharmshala people ill treated her. Amla hears her. Mando asks Karuna why she didn’t tell that Dharmshala people mistreated her and tells that because of Dev, we are here. She says I knew that Dev went to your house angrily, but didn’t know that even people were angry on you. She asks her not to go else people will kill her with taunts. Amla cries and says Abeer has made even your life hell. Karuna looks on. Dev is walking on the road holding gun. He sees Police and hides it.

Karuna searches for Abeer in the outhouse and thinks where did he go? Abeer is drinking wine at a bar and thinks about Amla’s hatred.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer comes home drunk and tries to wake up Amla who is sleeping in hall.

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