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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suveer asks Mahi what is her problem, if she haven’t get satisfaction after marrying his cousin that she is trying to humiliate him and his family. He asks her to let him live in peace. Mahi says live the way you wants, you enjoy your cars, expensive watches and gadgets, live, I don’t care. I want one thing in exchange, and asks him to confess that he betrayed her and raped an innocent girl on their engagement night, and then hidden this truth from her and family, and then she will give his peaceful life back. Suveer looks on.. Rishan says you can’t force him or blackmail him to make him lie, and says Suveer is innocent and haven’t done anything. Mahi smiles and says alright then, your loss. She asks Suveer to start living life without luxuries, and says good bye to comfortable and lavish life.

Abeer tells Amla that he is the eye witness and the proof which lawyer and you are searching. He asks her why didn’t you tell lawyer that I was with those three. Amla says no. Abeer says why? He says even I did a crime by not stopping them. Amla asks him not to tell and keeps hand on his mouth. Abeer says you are doing a big mistake by hiding the truth. Lawyer had said that we are in trouble after filing the case, if we don’t tell the truth then we will lose. Amla says if she don’t take his name then she might lose the case, but if she takes his name then she might lose precious thing of her life, ie, him. She says I have lost everything once, and don’t want to lose everything alone. I will fight for both of us. If I tell you name then they will snatch you from me, then how I will live without you. Abeer says even I shall be punished naa.

Amla says you have done your penance and have served the punishment. You are not guilty in my eyes. She hugs him and says don’t make me far from you, I need you. Abeer thinks please forgive me Amla, but this time I can’t accept your words, you needs me, but may be I may leave you, you have to fight the war, and thinks he might not be guilty in her eyes, but the truth will come out.

Suveer drinks wine. Rishan comes there and says you can’t solve the problems by drinking it, and says you have to use your intelligence for solving it. Suveer says Mahi has publicly insulted me and married my cousin and staying here. Whenever I see her, my heart gets burnt. Rishan says you and your useless heart. He asks can’t you see how she is behaving with others and asks him to think how to deal with Mahi and get power and money back from her. He says it is his wealth and he has to go to Mahi for getting her signatures. Suveer says she is thinking she is taking revenge on us, that stupid and dumb girl doesn’t know how Evan is, and says once his truth is out then I will have a last laugh. He says don’t know what Evan said to her that she agreed for marriage. Rishan says she is not stupid, but you..who can’t think why she is here.

Evan comes there and says now a days you are drinking much. He says sorry for his heart break, I understand how you must be feeling. He asks him to accept it. He says if you are depressed then I have a solution for you. He says since childhood we have shared everything, if you want we can share Mahi too. Suveer and Rishan are shocked. Rishan shouts at Evan. Evan asks him to calm down and says he is talking to Suveer and asks him not to interfere. He says this thing is of young generation, you will not understand. He tells that this is not the first time, remember dharmshala, Amla. When you had not problem then, why should I become selfish, I shall think about your happiness, I don’t mind sharing my wife. Suveer asks him to shut up and says threatens to tell everything to Mahi. Evan says she is in room, go and tell her. I am waiting. He laughs and goes. Rishan asks Suveer to ignore him and says he is provoking you.

Abeer gets a call and says we will reach. He tells Karuna that lawyer called and said that they have to meet magistrate at 11 am. Amla hears him and is scared, vegetables falls down. Karuna asks Abeer to go to her and give her strength. Abeer comes to kitchen and asks her to be careful while cutting vegetables. He says what you will do without me. Amla says I am very scared.

Suveer comes to room. Mahi sees him and asks Evan to get a towel for her. Evan says sure and asks Mahi to let him wipe her hairs. Mahi smiles and says she will do her work. Evan kisses on her shoulder and is going, asks Suveer if he will do something or just imagine. He says I gave you proposal, if you have guts then go for it. Mahi keeps the recorder on the table. Evan goes out. Suveer closes the door and gets inside. Mahi asks what the hell you are doing. Suveer says you don’t know that Evan. Mahi says I know him, he is a thorough gentleman and loves me. Suveer says what rubbish, he don’t love you, just pretending.

Mahi says I know why he married me, as he understood the humiliation which I went through, and the pain which I felt. She says you are instigating me against him, he has always supported me and really genuine guy, cares for me, we are soulmates. Suveer says my foot. He says do you know what this genuine soul mate told me that we shall share you like we had shared Amla. Mahi says what? He wants to share me with you like Amla and asks what he is saying. Suveer holds her hand and says just like we, Evan, Viraj and me shared Amla. He says Evan created the mess there and was desperate to rape Amla. He says Viraj and I don’t want to get involved in this, but Evan provoked her and made us do it. Evan had first raped Amla, then Me and Viraj. Mahi looks at him.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Police comes to Maliks house and calls Evan, Suveer and Viraj and says he has an arrest warrant against them. Rishan asks what is the proofs. Inspector handcuffs them. Mahi smiles.

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