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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update and Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 21st April 2017 Full Episode Watch Online on

Viren asks Abeer not to worry about money. Rishan says I will see to it that you will never any financial problem and you will get money every month. Viren asks Abeer to understand and says whatever I am telling is for your betterment. You don’t know what a girl have to hear from society. He asks did you want same thing to happen with Amla, which happened with your mum. Abeer recalls her mum hanging herself. Karuna comes there and asks Abeer to open the door. Pallavi asks what is the matter. Suveer asks him to take blame on himself. Karuna tells Pallavi that she will not spare anyone. Raunaq asks Abeer to save his friends. Viren says this is the only way out. Rishan says we are with you. They finally open the door.

Karuna asks Abeer to come and says I know what is happening here.Viren says he is your son, you can send him to jail. Karuna says why he will go alone, he will take everyone. Viren says they are innocent and Abeer just did the crime. Karuna says I know that Abeer was not there alone, that girl was checked and she was raped by more than 2 persons. Viren says report didn’t come till now. Karuna says you might have bought the doctor, but can’t buy me. She calls them inhuman to rape a girl and leaving her to die. Pallavi, Hema and Divya are shocked. Karun says you all did the crime and trapping your friend alone, says you will not be saved with the burden of this crime. I know Abeer, he told me that he tried to save her and make you three understand, but you people had not listened. Rishan says they are with us.

Darshan says they were with us, we were talking till 5. Divya also lies. Karuna says what do you think that I will get trapped in your lies. She says Abeer told me that they were with him all night. Evan says we were not with him. Karuna asks Viraj to tell truly. Viraj lies that they were in the resort and tells that Abeer left alone. Karuna asks Abeer to tell the truth. Abeer is silent and breaks down. He cries. Karuna asks him to say truly. Abeer says I don’t remember anything. Karuna cries. Viren tells Karuna that we all know that you don’t like Rishan and asks her not to involve him in the personal matter. He says Abeer is like our son and says kids do mistake sometimes. He says we were making him understand what to do next. Karuna looks at him angrily.

Bhao and Mando bring Amla home. Mannu gets happy. Neighbor asks about Amla. Mando says she don’t care about her. Amla is still in shock. Many people gather outside the house to see her. Bhao asks them to go.

Hema tells Karuna that we all know that Abeer is a nice guy and respects everyone. She says he did a mistake unintentionally. Divya says he was drunk and says Abeer told Viren that he took drugs. Pallavi says kids do mistakes. Hema says we won’t let anything happen to him. Karuna asks what about the girl and asks them to go and see that girl once and tell her. She says who will compensate for the mistake. Viren asks Abeer to let her speak, and says she will calm down. Suveer gets a call and talks to Mahi. He says I am fine and asks did they reach? He goes out. Darshan asks Viraj to confirm the university that he is coming. Darsha and Divya leaves. Raunaq, Hema and Evan leaves. Rishan signs Viren and goes. Karuna and Abeer are left with Viren. Viren tells everyone will forget this incident soon, and assures him that everything will get back to normal and asks him to marry her. Abeer is in shock. Viren asks Viraj to come and they leave. Karuna looks at Abeer.

Amla is also in shock. Mannu comes to her room and tries to talk to her. He says shall we talk RD Burman songs. Amla cries.

Dev is locked up in the police station. Lady Inspector accuses Dev for beating Amla. Dev says I didn’t do anything. Inspector says what you will do with the rapist. Dev says I will kill him. Lady Inspector asks Constables to handcuff him. Dev cries.

Mando comes and takes Mannu from there. Bhao comes and asks Amla if she wants to have milk. Mannu says he will sleep with Bua. Mando says you will not sleep with Bua from now on, and asks him to sleep. Bhao asks will you drink tea? Amla is still silent. Amla is covering herself with blanket. Mando pulls the blanket and takes Bhao with him. Amla recalls Dev getting angry on her.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mando taunts Amla and accuses Bhao for not stopping Amla. Mannu tells Amla that Mando told that she is become impure. Mando taunts Dev.

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