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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Amala,Abeer and karunaji come out from the house for going cyber cafe.They reach at the cafe.karuna tells Amala that the place is small,so she should wait outside. Amala nods. Abeer pull the chairand tell Amala to sit. she did on the chair. Two men in the cafe are staring at Amala and smiling seeing her. Amala feels annoyed.Agree understand the matter and goes to the other side of Amala and guard has that they can not see her. seeing that Amala became happy.o ‘re piya song plays. Abeer helps Amala for filling the form.Amala sit in the chair and stare at abeer. she smiles silently seeing him.They both are staring at each other and smiles.The registration has done.Amala is so happy and smiles. Abeer is super happy seeing Amala happy.

In the night Abeer plays the song “Churaliya hai tumne jo dilko”in his mobile and roams outside the house.Amala hear the music and to know from where the music is coming she come outside.
Scene start in Amala’s flashback.Dev was singing the song “churaliya”.Amala laughs aloud and says if he sing like that the animals will come out from their plays.Dev asks if his voice is so bad,their nok jhok continues.Dev again sing the same songs.FB ends.
Amala sees abeer playing the song and tells him to stop the song. Abeer asks if she had sold the song’s copyright. Amala again told Abeer to stop that. Abeer says him to close her was. Amala says him to hear the song using earphones. Amala goes inside the time. Abeer says that he will not understand her anyday.

In the morning Amala is brushing Mannu’s teeth and looks at Abeer’s window.Abeer comes to his window not wearing any shirt. Amala was her.Abeer dear the short.karuna comes to Abeer and give him tea.Abeer gives her the books of Amala. Amala sees that. karuna tells him that she will not tell Amala that he bought the books for her either she will return those.
Karuna comes to Amala and gives the books to her.karuna says Amala that she bought those for her. Amala asked again.karuna says her that Abeer had bought those for her.

Karuna tells Amala that she thought if Amala know that abeer has bought the books for her,Amala will return those.
Amala takes the book from her and keeps those in her drawer and says thank you.karuna is shocked and super happy that Amala keeps the books which had bought by Abeer.
In evening Amala is studing in her room and haar the music “churaliya”Abeer is playing the music in his phone.Amala says Abeer to stop that either she will break his phone.Abeer give the phone to Amala and says her to break it. Amala want to go inside the house.Abeer says her that she plays the music willingly. He says that he knows if he will play this song she will come outside.He told her that he have to give her a thing.

Abeer gives Amala the divorce papers. Amala is shocked.He says that she will free from today. He says that he signed there already and told to sign her.He says that she is free from this name Mrs Amala Abeer Anand and she not have to tolerate him from next…
Amala became sad.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer says Amala that in tommorow his visa will come and he will go tommorow night. Amala cry unknowingly. she is shocked to see her own tears. Evans papa tell Manwinder and viren that he will retire from tomorrow and Even will take his responsibility. Karuna tells Amala that if karuna will ask Abeer to have the dinner with them for last time, may be he will not take the chance after that. Amala became sad.