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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer gets drunk in the restaurant. Divya sees her pics with Viraj and gets emotional. She keeps all pics in the box. Darshan comes and holds her hand. Divya asks him to move. Darshan says he is getting angry as he tried to change for her and do as she wants, but she has not changed. He says it is good that you made me open my mouth, now I will show you what I can do. Divya runs to room, pics and her dupatta falls down. Darshan runs following her and closes the door.

A drunk Abeer comes to his outhouse and tries to sleep. He gets flashes of Amla as she throws the food. He tries to sleep, but couldn’t. He comes inside house. Karuna hears the door sound and sees him coming. Abeer comes inside and walks towards sleepy Amla. He tries to wake her up, but before Amla could wake up. Karuna comes and holds his hand and takes him from there. She brings him to outhouse. Abeer falls down. Karuna asks what happened to you. Didn’t you remember that incident happened under alcohol influence and asks why did you touch the poison. Abeer says he drank alcohol to hide his pain.

Karuna asks why did you go to Amla? Abeer says you are doubting on my intention and says he went to Amla to ask her why she hates him so much. He says I am very bad, but if there is no bad persons in the world. He says everyone hates me. He says I was not alone that day, there were many people, then why I am suffering alone. He says why I couldn’t get the forgiveness, I am living in the hell. I try from my heart, but she didn’t understand me. I am not that cruel that she thinks, and cries. Karuna hears him and asks him to sleep. Abeer asks until when I have to wait for morning and cries. He rests on her lap and cries.

He says I can’t bear Amla’s hatred. Karuna says you can support her and can get her forgiveness. She asks him to have strength and don’t let it break. She asks him to sleep and cries

She says you said right, you were not alone that day, but why you are suffering alone. She asks why did that dark night came, why did you go out with your friends, and cries.

Someone knocks on the door. Dev wakes up and walks to open the door holding his pistol. He is shocked to see Amla. Amla says you are searching me naa Dev and points gun on her chest. She says you wants to kill me, as I betrayed you and asks him to shoot her. Dev pulls the trigger. It turns out to be Dev’s dream and he gets up tensedly.

Karuna comes to Abeer and asks him to drink tea for the hangover. Abeer apologizes to her. Karuna says there is no use of apologizing. Abeer asks did I do something last night. Karuna asks him why did you drink when you couldn’t handle. She says if I wouldn’t have been there, then…who would have stopped you. Abeer asks what did I do? Mando hears them. Karuna says you had reached near Amla and was trying to wake her up. Mando is shocked. Abeer asks why I will go to her? He says did I do anything? Karuna asks him to come and says that woman eavesdrops everywhere. Mando thinks Abeer reached near Amla.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mando tells Amla that Abeer went to her when she was sleeping. Amla gets angry and says he came to me. She picks a stick/rod and beats Abeer badly. Mando smiles. Abeer tries to stop Amla.