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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer tells Amala, he won’t stay in front of her. He will leave tomorrow night. She won’t have any trouble after today. He walks away. Amala has tears in her eyes. She turns away. Abeer then turns back to see her. He sees her walking away and is sad. Amala touches her tears and looks at it. She continues walking and goes in her home. She recalls her asking him to leave. Mannu comes to her and says he’ll sleep with her. She makes him sleep and then sits down. She thinks she will have to hide the papers. Parjai shouldn’t find that papers. She hides them and sleeps.

Abeer is packing his bag. He is walking around saying he’s not interested in doing anything.. what he should do. Other hand, Amala is also not able to sleep as she recalls her past meetings with Abeer.. first their fights, then good side of his. She gets up.

Pallavi tells Rishan that it was her who told Mahi’s family not to wed her with Suveer. As a woman, she wanted to save Mahi. She wanted to tell her that this house is not worth her. She shouldn’t waste her life. Their house has become a jungle. She blames Rishan for all that. Rishan says he doesn’t care. He doesn’t want her lecture, he wants loyalty from his wife. This rishta is vital for his business. He forces her to go and talk to them, but she refuses.

Evan’s dad was going to Rishan’s room angrily, but he stops him. Evan’s dad tells his wife and Evan that it was Rishan who didn’t let Evan come out on bail. Evan asks his dad to calm down. He says, late, but Rishan’s truth is out now. He always had doubt on him. His dad asks then why he’s stopping him from teaching lesson to Rishan. Evan asks what he will say? He will just scold him and then Rishan will insult him. He asks his dad to understand Rishan’s game. He has a better plan to teach a lesson to Rishan.. and such a lesson that he will never forget it.

Maaso comes to Abeer’s place with tea and cries seeing empty room. Abeer asks her to sit down. He asks what happened. If she becomes weak, then.. at least think about him. It won’t be easy for him either. And her tears are making it even more difficult. Maaso wipes her tears and says she won’t make it difficult for him. She won’t cry.. even when she misses him. He says he’ll also miss her.. and whole family. Maaso says, you’re still going? Abeer is quiet. Maaso says she has some stuff for him and asks him not to say no.

Evan’s dad has called everyone for a meeting. Rishan asks why meeting all of a sudden? Evan’s dad says he’s retiring. Pallavi asks if everything is okay. He says everything is okay. He just thought to hand it over to next generation. Pallavi says his position is such an important one. Evan’s dad says.. in end everything is for their children. Evan will take his place. All his shares will be transferred to him and he will become a joint director. Everyone, especially Rishan, is shocked. Rishan says they have to answer other people too. Evan’s dad to whom? Everyone is here. This is the advantage of family owned company. Evan teases Rishan asking him to congratulate him. Rishan tells him, very good. I am proud of you. You’re really very smart.. good move. Evan and his family leave. Rishan is angry. He says he knows who did this. Evan. He did this to insult him in his own company. Pallavi says Evan’s dad just gave his shares to Evan. Rishan gets angry and tells her to stay quiet when she doesn’t know anything. Evan just played a game. If it was up to his dad, then company would have closed long time ago. It’s him (Rishan) who kept company going. And Evan wants to match him. Rishan says he will make sure to teach a lesson to Evan. Pallavi says, you teach him. I will go home. She leaves.

Maaso comes to Amala. Amala asks want to say anything? Maaso says Abeer will leave tonight. Abeer will miss this family and they will also miss him. So she was thinking, maybe he can have dinner with them tonight?

Episode ends.


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